Falkirk O-Licence refused as TC ‘misled’

first_imgAn application for a two-vehicle national licence by Falkirk-based Allan Mason (Scotland) was refused by Traffic Commissioner (TC) Joan Aitken, after she concluded that she and her staff had been misled over the company’s original application for a restricted licence.The company, of Marchlands Avenue, Bo’ness, had sought a licence based at Lauriston Industrial Estate, Old Redding Road, Lauriston, Falkirk, at an Edinburgh Public Inquiry (PI). The nominated Transport Manager (TM) was James Hilson.The TC said that Mr Hilson was already TM on his own two-vehicle licence, on the two-vehicle licence held by Douglas Easton, and on the one-vehicle licence held by Gethin Edwards.Mr Mason’s wife Ann Mason had held a 10-vehicle national licence trading as A&A Mason Executive Coach Hire and latterly the TM was Mr Hilson. She was called to a PI along with Mr Hilson and a licence application by Ian & Audrey Orr trading as A2B Cabs and Coaches, in August 2012.For all practical purposes Mr Mason conducted his wife’s business as if it was his own, and it was he who organised the work and had control of the businessIt came to her attention in January 2013 that Mrs Mason had been sequestrated. In recent years for all practical purposes Mr Mason conducted his wife’s business as if it was his own, and it was he who organised the work and had control of the business.Vehicles were registered in his name. He used the trading name A & A Mason as if it were his own. All day-to-day and operational decisions were taken by Mr Mason. Mr Mason bought and sold vehicles including the PSV vehicles operated on the licence. That he did without reference to Mrs Mason.He and Mr Orr entered into business arrangements, including a transaction whereby Mr Mason sold one of his vehicles to Mr Orr. Mr Orr did not have an O-Licence and Mr Mason gave him a disc belonging to Mrs Mason’s licence. The lending of a disc to Mr Orr left the Ann Mason licence in the position whereby there could be shortage of a disc to meet the operator’s contracts. To meet this and for convenience, a further disc was created by photocopying both sides of an existing disc and laminating the same.It was very unlikely that the operator could have met the financial standing for an increase in authorisation. Thus any increased operation could not have been done lawfully. The TC revoked Mrs Mason’s licence and disqualified her for three years (routeONE, Court Report, 14 February 2013).Mr Mason said that he had felt he could not apply for a licence sooner than the three years after his wife’s disqualification had ended. He now knew that there could be no transfer of discs. He knew you could hire in on a temporary basis.He now knew that only his company could use the discs and only the company’s drivers. He had booked to go on an FTA licence awareness course to bring him up to speed. He wanted to use the licence to do school work, private hire and tour work operating a midicoach and a spare vehicle.In reply to the TC, Mr Mason said that he had bought a minibus six months ago because it was in pristine condition. He still owned a Volvo bus which was off the road and had not turned a wheel since Masons closed. He planned to put it back on the road as it was in good condition.Mr Hilson said that his loyalty was first to himself and his own licence so if he went down and found anything wrong he would be out the door. Admitting that he would be paid below the minimum wage, he said that what was proposed was not a commercial arrangement.Refusing the application, the TC said that Mr Mason was not the holder of the licence that had been revoked but he was the author of most of the misfortune and badness which affected that licence, for he had long had control of that licence. His position was much worse than that of Mrs Mason whom she had to disqualify for three years for ceding the control of her licence to her husband.The licence was not properly managed. The finances were a very peculiar mess and operated without straightforward banking and accounting procedures leading to Mrs Mason being sequestrated for non-payment of monies due to HMRC and a finance company. Mr Mason could not escape culpability for controlling the business such that sequestration arose. Thus he was in control of a licence which had lost financial standing.However it was a licence that had gone beyond lawful operating. Mr Mason was out of control and Mr Hilson hadn’t a clue, because his friend of decades kept it from him.Mr Mason through his company first applied for a restricted licence. It was patently clear that at no time was there going to be compliance with the principal occupation requirement. It was patently clear that Mr Mason was not making a living from chauffeur driving and had not made any living from private hire work.She had not the slightest doubt that the application for a restricted licence was not a genuine one. Mr Mason was desperate to get back into PSV operating. The problem for him was that he did not have the necessary repute to be a public service operator. He did not have the discipline or attitude to be such.She did not find him to be a credible individual. She could not find him trustworthy. Mr Mason sought to mislead her and her staff in his restricted licence application. It was not genuine and he was not genuine. His intention was to get back into bus operation and the licence would have been used to that end with his chauffeur work very much the poor relation.The arrangement with Mr Hilson was not a commercial TM arrangement. It was founded on friendship, not contract. There were significant legal duties attached to being a TM. It was not the arrangement envisaged or required for an O-Licence.She could not take the risk of letting Mr Hilson be a TM for Mr Mason, or Mr Mason’s company, again. To say she was astonished to see Mr Hilson’s nomination on the application was an understatement.last_img read more

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Star Coaches returns to Yutong for a TC9 midi

first_imgStar Coaches of Batley, West Yorkshire has returned to Pelican Bus and Coach (01924 227722) for its second Yutong TC9 midicoach. It has 35 seats finished by Eastgate Coach Trimmers in a diamond pattern, as required by the operator.Power is from a Euro 6, 280bhp Cummiuns ISB6.7 engine coupled to a six-speed ZF EcoLife automatic gearbox.last_img

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Minister officially opens Steel Link BRT connecting Sheffield

first_imgTransport Minister Andrew Jones MP was joined by local transport leaders to mark the official opening of Sheffield City Region’s £29.8m Bus Rapid Transit North scheme on Monday (12 December) at the newly-constructed ‘Blackburn Meadows Way’ link road under J34 of the M1.Nearly half a million passengers have already benefitted from the scheme’s ‘X1 Steel Link’ bus service and new infrastructure since it opened on 4 September.Transport Minister Andrew Jones & SYPTE Executive Director Stephen Edwards marking the official opening of Blackburn Meadows WayBRT North was delivered by South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE), Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and Sheffield City Council, and part financed by £15.8 million from the Department for Transport and £8.1 million from the European Union’s Regional Development Fund (ERDF).BRT North’s eight-mile route introduces a new link road, highway and junction modifications that provide bus priority traffic control, purpose built bus stops with real-time passenger information, and modern low emission vehicles.Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport Andrew Jones MP, said: “This new link between Sheffield and Rotherham will cut congestion, improve journeys, help create thousands of jobs and boost the regional economy.“Up to 2m passengers are expected to use it in its first year alone, this shows how vital good bus services are to our communities.”Nearly half a million passengers have already benefitted from the scheme’s ‘X1 Steel Link’ bus service and new infrastructure since it was introduced on 4 September 2016.The service provides high-quality, frequent public transport connections between Rotherham and Sheffield in addition to improving capacity, reliability and quality on the bus network.First South Yorkshire Head of Commercial, Allan Riggall, said: “Customers have welcomed the new X1 service providing a high quality, great value journey delivering improved and reliable connections.“We’re delighted to have worked closely with all our transport partners in delivering such an outstanding new service that supports the region’s economic and low emission objectives whilst providing a real alternative to the car.”The ‘Blackburn Meadows Way’ link road, built on bridges over the River Don and under Tinsley Viaduct, is designed to offer a direct route for buses, improve local traffic congestion near Meadowhall, and support Lower Don Valley development schemes such as the Olympic Legacy Park and Ikea to create up to 4,400 new jobs. It includes one of the largest retaining wall structures in the UK.SYPTE Executive Director Stephen Edwards, said: “BRT North is vital to meet local transport demands and support economic growth. The frequent connections and dedicated bus routes it offers between the centres of Rotherham and Sheffield is providing customers with flexibility, improved capacity and a high-quality, reliable public transport option.”Partner at Nabarro LLP and lead SCR LEP board member for transport, Martin McKervey, added: “Sheffield City Region partners are working together to create a thriving, super-connected and successful economy and the opening of this vital new link under the motorway at Tinsley is further evidence of what we can achieve when we work together.“This investment, which has taken 325,000 person hours in construction, will ease congestion on the M1, and provides infrastructure for a high quality, modern and reliable bus service.“This road better connects key economic areas of Rotherham and Sheffield and is welcome news to businesses and residents across our city region. This gives a real boost to economic growth and jobs as part of our shared ambition to build a centre of economic excellence.”BRT North project brought together SYPTE, SCC, RMBC, First Group, Stagecoach Supertram, Network Rail, EoN, Yorkshire Water and British Waterways. BRT North is part financed by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund through the Yorkshire and Humber ERDF Programme 2007-13. Additional funding is provided by the Department for Transport, the Growing Places Fund from the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership, and the South Yorkshire Local Transport Plan.BRT North construction began in 2013. Over 325,000 person hours has seen the completion of three major structures – Meadowhall Way Bridge, Blackburn Meadows Way (including one of largest retaining walls in the UK), and Fitzwilliam Road Bridge. The 0.6 mile Blackburn Meadows Way crosses the Supertram and national rail network, and the River Don twice.The BRT North route is 8 miles end to end. The 32 minute journey takes in 38 bus stops (19 in each direction), of which over 50% have totems and real time information. Bus priority measures on the route: Corporation Street (contraflow bus lane), Sheffield Road Rotherham (bus lanes), Weedon Street (signalised junctions), Carbrook Street / Attercliffe Common (bus gate), Attercliffe Common (bus lane and pre-signals), Saville Street and the Wicker (bus lanes).]The BRT North X1 Steel Link bus service is operated by First South Yorkshire. The modern vehicles with dedicated branding are Wright Street Decks with Euro 6 engines, on board USB ports and are WiFi enabled.Projected X1 passenger numbers based on current data are estimated at 1.5-2.0 million per year. Since the first full week of operation there has been a 30% increase in patronage, with the first 20% occurring in the first 6 weeks. BRT North is designed to support economic growth by providing connections for key new developments in the Lower Don Valley including the Olympic Legacy Park, Ikea, Next and Sheffield Road biomass plant that have generated at least 500 new jobs to date.last_img read more

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Countryfile Live on sale with Encore

first_imgAnita Rani with Tim Etchells and Encore’s Sergio Cicalo in BlackpoolTicket agency Encore is the exclusive group ticket provider for Countryfile Live this August.The big county-style show was promoted by BBC Countryfile’s Anita Rani at the Coach Tourism Association’s conference in Blackpool. She gave delegates the lowdown on the upcoming show along with producer Tim Etchells – pictured here at the conference with Sergio Cicalo from Encore (far right).Anita says that working on Countryfile isn’t always all showbiz glamour as she interviews farmers, conservationists and countryside workers in fields, cowsheds and beautiful but sometimes rather “uncomfortable” and remote locations.Countryfile Live will once again be held at Blenheim Palace on 2-5 August 2018. Group travel organisers and coach tour operators can now book the £23 early-bird group rate before 30 April, or have an indefinite extension for £27.Perks include free coach parking, free organiser ticket, extra free ticket for 2017 bookers, plus stress-free travel with direct access into the show and main site drop-off.For all details and bookings call 020 7492 1525 or email [email protected]last_img read more

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Bath sets out plans to charge in CAZ

first_imgBath & North East Somerset council has outlined the three options it is considering for the implementation of a charging Clean Air Zone in the central core of Bath.It is one of 28 councils where NO2 is projected to exceed national air quality objectives beyond 2021, and is required by the government to implement measures.It will make a final decision by the end of this year, and implement the CAZ by 2020.The three options all require Euro 6 diesels as a minimum.Option B would see coaches, buses, minibuses and trucks charged. Option C would also include vans, while Option D would add cars.A decision on charges and hours of operation “will be reached after further technical assessment and public engagement,” says the council.Councillor Bob Goodman, Cabinet Member for Development and Neighbourhoods, says: “It may be possible for us to achieve the required air quality improvements without the need to charge cars, however further detailed work has to be done before a final package is agreed later this year.”Launching the plans for consultation this week the council says it is seeking views on the options and how they could best be introduced in order to ‘maximise the air quality benefits, while minimising any effects of residents and economy, particularly on low income families and businesses’.Possible suggestions include reduced cost of residents’ parking permits for low-emission vehicles; improved public transport facilities; better walking and cycling routes and improving bus lanes.Councillor Mark Shelford, cabinet member for transport, added: “Alongside this action on air quality, we will continue to invest in more sustainable ways to travel to give people greater choice and encourage greener modes of travel while also investing in the infrastructure needed to improve travel across Bath and the wider area.“We will also be working with the West of England Mayor to invest in modern technologies to encourage the use of low emission vehicles and public transport and increased take up of active forms of travel such cycling and walking which also have direct health benefits.“Over the coming months each package of measures will be examined in detail and this includes ongoing public engagement, identifying the level of charges, hours of operation and assessing the social and economic impacts of each measure.“We want to talk and listen to people’s views because this will mean a significant change for the city. However whatever option is chosen it will have to deliver air quality improvements in the shortest possible time and by 2021 at the latest.”Consultation at: http://www.bathnes.gov.uk/bath-breathes-2021last_img read more

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Bakers Dolphin prepared for London ULEZ

first_imgIt’s ‘business as usual’ for Bakers Dolphin despite the introduction of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) on Monday (8 April).While the move has already prompted some coach operators to stop running day trips to London, the Weston-super-Mare based firm is prepared with 10 vehicles that meet ULEZ regulations.For vehicles that don’t comply, small price increases of around £2pp have been introduced to help pay the ULEZ charge.MD Max Fletcher says: “Despite London introducing the ULEZ, we are still offering a wide range of day trips to the capital.“We are fortunate in having 10 Euro 6 vehicles and, as part of our rolling programme of replacing vehicles, we are ensuring that every new coach that it brings into its fleet is also ULEZ compliant.”last_img read more

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Album conference 2019: Bus as a force for good

first_imgBetween 7-9 May, the Association of Local Bus Managers (Album) will holds its annual conference in Cardiff. It will focus on the bus as a force for good, with an extensive programme of speakers in storeThis year’s Association of Local Bus Managers (Album) conference will be held in Cardiff between Tuesday and Thursday next week (7-9 May). Delegates will be hosted by municipally-owned Cardiff Bus at the Welsh capital’s City Hall.The conference’s theme is the bus as a force for good. Once again, it promises to be a forum for the transfer of existing ideas and the creation of new ones. Meanwhile, over 50 exhibitors will show the latest products, services and vehicles.On the Wednesday and Thursday, a strong line-up of speakers will address delegates. Befitting the conference’s focus, they will examine areas that include ways to keep customers and employees at the centre of your business. The focus will also be on connectivity and digital passenger information.The conference gets off to a start on the Tuesday evening with the customary banquet, although a golf day sponsored by Scania Great Britain will take place earlier at the Royal Porthcawl course.Business then commences on the Wednesday. The conference will be hosted by Dave Guest, who will be familiar to visitors to Coach & Bus UK and Euro Bus Expo, and a separate programme has been prepared for delegates’ partners who attend, allowing them to see some of South Wales.Cardiff Bus MD Cynthia Ogbonna will deliver the opening speech. She will be followed by Greener Journeys Chief Executive Claire Haigh and Ray Stenning of Best Impressions. After a break, Department for Transport Head of Buses and Taxis Catriona Henderson will speak. The day will be rounded off by John Clarfelt, MD of Ticketer.Thursday morning will see addresses from Meera Rambisoon of the TAS Partnership, Transport Focus chief Anthony Smith, Senior Traffic Commissioner Richard Turfitt, Alexander Dennis (ADL) Customer Development Director Keith Watson and BYD Technical Manager Mike Kerslake.After lunch, matters will conclude with a speech from Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport Ken Skates. The conference finishes with a gala dinner.Vehicles on showAs ever, the list of suppliers set to attend is extensive. Whether it concerns products, services or vehicles, all will be looking to engage with delegates. ADL, BYD, EVM, EvoBus (UK), Mellor and Optare are all confirmed as having buses on display.ADL will show a brand-new Enviro400. In partnership with BYD, it will also display a zero-emission Enviro200EV. Both are demonstration vehicles and they showcase the passenger amenities that are available across the Enviro range.EVM plans to display a low-floor minibus conversion based on the latest-generation Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Mellor will exhibit its 30-passenger coachbuilt Strata Ultra, which is also based on the new Sprinter.EvoBus (UK) will show a Mercedes-Benz Citaro with the manufacturer’s mild hybrid system. Optare will display a Metrocity with Allison xFE transmission, which it says delivers a 7% reduction in fuel consumption over previous gearboxes.Products at the forefrontAlfatronix will demonstrate its new Podsole. It is a product that offers both wireless and USB charging within one console. Produced on a single printed circuit board and able to accept 9-32v from the vehicle’s electrical system, and with components encapsulated to protect against dust and moisture ingress, Podsole can be installed onto passenger seating in both OEM and retrofit applications.In addition, non-slip coil buttons and the positive retention provided by Podsole’s holding method ensure that the user’s device is retained securely, permitting installation in priority seating areas and within sidewalls.Omnibus, with its team headed by MD Peter Crichton, will focus on innovative developments made over the past 12 months. Attending an Album conference for the first time as an Associate Member, Omnibus will showcase its software, including cloud-based products. It gives schedulers and other users the opportunity to work flexibly from any location.Timespace Technology will show its new V600 AHD digital video recorder. It can accept up to 20 channels of AHD/SD camera and up to 4 IP camera inputs, The V600 AHD complements Timespace’s existing range and it is available with up to 2TB of recording media, with additional backup SD cards.Timespace will also show the forthcoming ‘in-browser playback’ aspect of its proprietary LANLink fleet management software, which simplifies the process of viewing and sharing footage.Ticketer will display its tap-on, tap-off contactless technology, which guarantees that passengers will pay for their actual journey without needing to speak to the driver, along with a solution for demand-responsive services.Also present among the other exhibitors will be the Transport Benevolent Fund to explain the benefits it brings to staff, and Forest Asset Finance. Ample time is given between speakers on both days to allow delegates to visit those suppliers that interest them.Further details of the Album conference programme are available on its website, www.albumbus.co.uk Album conference 2019: Exhibitors21st CenturyActiaAlexander Dennis                AlfatronixAllison TransmissionBackhouse JonesBYDCamira FabricsDatikE P MorrisEvoBus (UK)EVMFältcom UKFirst Corporate ClothingFivebarsForest Asset FinanceFlowbird Transport IntelligenceFreeway Fleet SystemsGroeneveldHanoverHJS Emission TechnologyIcomeraInitInvertecIsringhausenKneitzLazzeriniMcKenna BrothersMellorMiX TelematicsMuirheadOmnibusOptareOptimumPassenger Technology GroupPassenger Lift ServicesPelican Bus and CoachPowersystemsPremier PitsPSV Glass and GlazingQ’StraintScania Great BritainServisionSmartdriveSURE TransportSynecticsTEK SeatingTicketerTimespace Technology                 TraffilogTransport Benevolent FundTraveline CymruUK Bus AwardsVoithWheely Safelast_img read more

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Apprenticeships: Unlocking industry potential

first_imgApprenticeships are a valuable path into any career, and there is more than one way to enter the coach and bus industryIt is a mixed and varied people that have applied for Abellio London’s bespoke training programme. With the opening of its new Southall depot in West London, a centre of excellence for driver training, Abellio says its apprenticeships scheme is proof of its serious investment in the future of London transport.A 14-month training period will see the applicants inducted, trained, and assessed to be qualified bus drivers. The training will incorporate many of the recent initiatives begun by Transport for London (TfL) – such as Vision Zero, its campaign to eradicate death and serious injuries on London’s transport network.At the end of the training, each driver will hold a professional National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 2 certificate.Speaking to routeone, Urmish Patel, Head of HR at Abellio London Bus, says the NVQ is crucial in drawing candidates.“Rather than just giving drivers a licence, we’re investing in their future. The NVQ qualification will allow them to set up anywhere within or outside the industry,” says Mr Patel.“We took our time in developing a bespoke programme which looked at all the elements and assets within the role of driving the bus – while also incorporating lots of other training programmes,” he adds.Just the beginningBus driver training at Armstrong WayBus driver apprenticeships are just the beginning for Abellio. According to Mr Patel, the company is already moving into engineering apprenticeships, with the goal to have dedicated centres where Abellio will work with its engineering directors on establishing a centre of excellence for engineering.The concept is that each depot will receive an engineering apprentice to allow them to grow their career and create a programme where they get on-the-job training.Scheduling apprenticeships and – potentially – a broader management apprenticeship programme will come, too. The driver scheme is just the first stepping stone in establishing a more extensive strategy.Another draw for candidates is the guarantee of payment – and of work afterwards.“One of the fundamentals of the bus apprenticeship programme is that, at the end of it, they’ve got a job,” explains Mr Patel. While some companies will train drivers up in a matter of days to work a specific route, Abellio’s 15-day driver training establishes a standard allowing its drivers to handle any situation.“We’re investing more time and effort,” he explains. “It’s not a simple case of showing them the ropes and giving them a licence. You’re incorporating a learning essence approach, building their capabilities up. It’s about being innovative and different in order to retain drivers.”The scheme will also go some way to removing stigmas, according to Mr Patel – both around the perception of apprenticeship schemes, and of bus driving as a profession.“Apprenticeships are not advertised enough,” he adds. “I think there’s still the old stigma around apprenticeships. From a government perspective, they need to do more in realising the potential of apprenticeships and selling them.“You’ve got to remember, it’s not just new people coming into the industry – it’s about giving staff the ability to promote internally.”Mr Patel suggests that, as buses and the technology involved gets more advanced, services improve and the role of buses in moving people in London is realised, the perception of drivers will also change.Multiple avenuesFurther north at Bouden Coach Travel, CEO Adel Bouden is keen to get young people onboard and offer training and further employment from apprenticeships.Hannah Moore is one apprentice who has reaped the benefits – and is one of 10 finalists for Rising Star at the routeone Awards.Bouden Coach Travel offers a variety of different apprenticeships – including administration, accounts and marketing.Building skills within the company, combined with further education, is what makes the firm’s approach attractive.It looks for candidates who are self-motivated, willing to learn and prepared to do more than their job role might initially involve.Offering candidates a platform in order to gain experience, rather than someone who simply fits the job, allows better growth within the company, says Ms Moore. “There is an emphasis on workers here, and ensuring everyone’s needs are met,” she adds. “If someone starts from an apprenticeship, they build a relationship with the whole team and the Director. It’s a chance to learn, grow, and gain experience.”This, she says, leads to better retention and wellbeing within the company – goals shared with Abellio.last_img read more

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Yutong E10 borrowed by Transdev for latest Harrogate trial

first_imgTransdev Blazefield subsidiary The Harrogate Bus Company is evaluating a Yutong E10 battery-electric bus borrowed from Go North East’s Voltra fleet. It is part of the group’s evaluation of future investment policy post-pandemic.Use of the E10 on a service between Harrogate and Knaresborough follows a similar trial in October 2020 of a BYD ADL Enviro200EV model. Results from both vehicles will be compared, the operator says. The Harrogate Bus Company already runs a fleet of opportunity-charged Volvo 7900E battery-electric buses.Transdev Blazefield CEO Alex Hornby says that in addition to the vehicle trial in Harrogate, the group is “in discussions with Yutong dealership Pelican Bus and Coach” and that the evaluation work will “help us to develop our aspirations for future investment as we look to make informed choices for electric power.“We are constantly looking to build buses back better as part of our strategy for our company and industry, demonstrating our belief that our buses will continue to play a vitally important role beyond the current pandemic in boosting the economy, both locally in Harrogate and across Yorkshire and the north of England.”Yutong’s E10 has a battery capacity of 422kW/h, delivering a range of 370km.last_img read more

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Update: Two St. Joseph County officers hurt while serving warrant at Castle Point Apartments

first_img Google+ Update: Two St. Joseph County officers hurt while serving warrant at Castle Point Apartments Google+ (Photo supplied/St. Joseph County Police Department) Two St. Joe County Police officers were injured while serving a warrant at Castle Point Apartments.It happened on Thursday, Aug. 29.The officers were searching for Devin Myers, 22, who fled the apartment on foot.He was wanted on numerous outstanding felony and misdemeanor warrants including battery, firearms, theft and embezzlement. When the officers caught up to Myers, a struggle ensued—police say he managed to get a hold of a taser and a radio before he was cuffed.They also say they found a gun on the ground after he was in custody near the scene of the scuffle.One of the officers suffered a head injury and the other a shoulder injuryThe St. Joseph County Police Department released the following udpated information:Corporal Daniel Bodle and Corporal Kenny Welsh of the St. Joseph County Police Warrants Division were injured this afternoon while attempting to arrest Devin Myers, age 22 on outstanding felony warrants for the following:  Possession of a Firearm by a Violent Felon, Level 5 Felony, Embezzlement, Level 6 Felony Domestic Battery in the presence of a child, Level 6 Felony, Conversion, Misdemeanor Class A, Theft, Level 6 Felony.The incident began on Court of Royal Arms in Castle Point Apartments and ended in the Apartments off of Cleveland Road. As Myers left the apartment, he caught sight of Bodle and fled on foot. Myers ran through the parking lot and through one of the apartments, while the Bodle gave chase on foot. Corporal Kenny Welsh gave chase in his car around a pair of buildings and then left his car to chase on foot. Cpl. Welsh caught up to Myers and unsuccessfully attempted to use his taser before taking Myers to the ground.Cpl. Bodle then caught up with Myers and Cpl. Welsh and attempted to assist subduing Myers. During the struggle Myers took possession of Welsh’s taser, and Bodle’s radio. The officers were unable to radio for additional help and asked the bystanders watching and videotaping to call 9-1-1 for help, one bystander used the officers’ radio to call for help. It took several minutes for the officers to get Myers handcuffed and stood upright.  When the officers stood Myers up, a handgun was found on the ground where the struggle occurred. Additional officers and ambulances arrived shortly after Myers was restrained by Bodle and Welsh.Following the arrest, Corporal Welsh was taken to Memorial Hospital Emergency Room to medical treatment for a head injury and dizziness, received a CAT scan and was released. Corporal Bodle was taken to occupational health for a shoulder injury and released. Myers was taken to Memorial Emergency Room for medical evaluation and released into police custody. In addition to the outstanding felony warrants, Myers has a previous felony conviction. The handgun found after the struggle returned as stolen out of a car in South Bend last month. Myers was taken to ATF for further investigation and then was booked into the St. Joseph County Jail on the warrants and new charges of Resisting Law Enforcement, Battery to a Public Safety Official Resulting in Injury, Possession of a Firearm by a Violent Felon, Disarming a Law Enforcement Officer, Theft of a Firearm, and Possession of Handgun without a License. St. Joseph County Police are continuing to investigate the incident. Twitter By Tommie Lee – August 30, 2019 0 266 WhatsApp WhatsApp Twitter Facebook Pinterest Pinterest Facebook IndianaLocalNews Previous articleExtra police patrols, sobriety checkpoints planned for holiday weekendNext articleIndiana preparing for first hemp harvest Tommie Leelast_img read more

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