Study Finds Significant N American Internet Capacity Limitations

first_img Explore further A study released by the preeminent research center, Nemertes Research Group sends warning to access providers and innovators. An estimated $42 – 55 billion is needed to meet expected demands. Without investment, innovation may be crippled. Citation: Study Finds Significant N. American Internet Capacity Limitations (2007, November 20) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.center_img The preeminent research center, Nemertes Research Group finds that Internet infrastructure limitations will stifle innovation in the near future. The release of their findings include an analysis of Internet and IP infrastructure which they assign the term capacity. Factored into the analysis is the current and projected traffic of users which is deemed demand. The goal of the research project was to understand the effect capacity and demand have with each other and to determine if demand would ever exceed capacity.The analysis of capacity required comparing carrier expenditures, vendor revenues and compared this data against market research studies. In assessing demand, Nemertes took a unique approach and examined the user´s consumption of available bandwidth has increased over time. They call this the innovation-centric demand model which they believe is the mos reliable method of predicting the unpredictable. Thereby, adopting a model that allows reasonably accurate projections about a future scenario without the need to know the specific innovation that made it possible.While cautioning that their findings will not cause the Internet to collapse in North America within the near future. there are significant warning flags. Specifically, North American Internet access infrastructure will probably cease to be adequate for supporting demand in the next three to five years. Their findings confirm that overall core fiber switching/routing resources will scale nicely to support any conceivable user demand, but a substantial investment is required particularly in North America.The estimated financial investment required by access providers to “bridge the gap,” between demand and capacity is in the range of $42 billion to $55 billion. Unfortunately, this is about 60 to 70 percent more than current access providers intend to invest. The study concludes with the cautionary advice that while the “sky is not falling,” the ultimate effect will be that innovation will be stunted. The next Google, YouTube, or Amazon will simply not be possible without a substantial investment in infrastructure. Demand will continue to grow, but there will be a continued degenerative effect on capacity to fulfill demand. Link for further reading: … tifle_innovation_web Creatives in the country? Blockchain and agtech can create unexpected jobs in regional Australialast_img read more

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The key to a more efficient nanolaser

first_img Scientists demonstrate high-performing room-temperature nanolaser “There are some discussions about the recent applications on photonic nanolasers and photonic integrated circuits based on photonic crystals,” Toshihiko Baba tells in an email. Baba, a scientist at the Yokohama National University in Japan, has been working on improving the efficiency of photonic crystal nanolasers. In “Photonic crystal nanolaser monolithically integrated with passive waveguide for effective light extraction,” published in Applied Physics Letters, Baba and members of his team, Kengo Nozaki and Hideki Watanabe, describe how to increase light extraction efficiency using a nanolaser integrated with a passive waveguide, along with the MOCVD butt-joint technique.“I think the MOCVD butt-joint technique itself is mature and can be done in any companies making communication wavelength lasers,” Baba explains, referring metal-organic chemical vapor deposition. MOCVD is used mainly in thin films and other high-performance materials systems. Using the MOCVD technique in tandem with a nanolaser integrated with a passive waveguide can theoretically increase the efficiency of light extraction from the laser.“I think it is an important result,” Baba says in an email. He goes on to point out that there are discussions regarding applications offered by photonic nanolasers, as well as photonic ingrated circuits. He mentions single photon emitters being studied for quantum cryptography, uses involving optical RAM, and bio-chemical sensing. “All of them are used with input/output waveguides and other functional elements,” he says.Baba admits that the paper in question doesn’t shed much light on experimental practicalities. “The integration of nanolaser and passive waveguide is dreamed of and illustrated by many groups. But lacking its technology, people have used the out-of-plane leaky light and evanescent-coupled light into adjacent fiber detector as light output.” These light extraction problems could be solved, he believes with an improved setup.In the experiments run using the setup, only four percent efficiency was achieved. “The main reason of the low value of four percent is caused by the optical setup we used for light detection,” he explains. “By using a lensed taper fiber and optimizing the facet of the waveguide, both of which are extrinsic problems, the efficiency will be 10 times.”Baba says that this has been confirmed in a waveguide-type laser, and that the results of this other experiment will appear quite soon in another journal. Additionally, in the same issue of Applied Physics Letters, Baba and his colleagues report a demonstration of resonant photopumping using their integrated photonic nanolaser. When all of the pieces are put together, continuous wave (CW) operation will be possible. “[A]ll optical lasing with high efficiency is expected,” Baba says. He is optimistic about the prospects for the future of photonic nanlasers. “[N]ow the integration technology is available and the light is extracted and used in the photonic crystal integrated circuit.” And when everything that his team continues to learn comes to light in other publications, Baba is confident that “the efficiency of photonic crystal lasers is sufficiently high as those of conventional best lasers.”Copyright 2007 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of Explore furthercenter_img Citation: The key to a more efficient nanolaser? (2008, January 31) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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Great frigate birds found able to fly for months at a time

first_imgA juvenile frigatebird. Credit: Henri Weimerskirch CEBC CNRS Play Credit: Aurelien Prudor / Henri Weimerskirch CEBC CNRS The birds live in the air over the Pacific and Indian Oceans, which means they are subject to the doldrums, but they have, the team found, discovered a means for handling them as well—they simply hang around on the edges taking advantage of the updrafts in the small clouds that develop around the edges.The birds are able to glide so well, the team notes, because they have the least amount of body weight distributed over the total area of their wings of any bird. They also suggested the birds might actually sleep for just minutes at a time as they are carried effortlessly up into clouds. Mummified ancient bird offers clues about flight during mid-cretaceous (—A small team of researchers with members from France, the U.K., Canada and Germany has discovered that the great frigate bird (Fregata minor) is able to stay aloft for up to two months at a time. In their paper published in the journal Science, the team describes how they affixed trackers to several of the birds as part of a two-year study, what they found, and even offer some ideas on how the birds manage to sleep. Raymond Huey and Curtis Deutsch, with the University of Washington in Washington State, offer a Perspective piece on the work done by the team in the same journal issue. Explore further © 2016 Journal information: Sciencelast_img read more

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Face a fortune

Dadhichi, who’s been practicing for 27 years, is one of the best known astrologers world wide. Known for face reading and esoteric studies, Dadhichi blends in what the stars predict to tell the future. Mills&Boon brings Dadhichi to India with his set of predictions for the year..What got you in to horoscope and face reading?The choices that you make are in your genes but that gene is fate or destiny. As a child I grew up wanting to become an astro-physicist, and barely missed the mark there. I feel that astrology was my calling. Technical knowledge is nothing without intuition. I have been studying astrology for nearly 30 years. I began the practice when I was a child because my mother used to read astrology books to me at bed time. My father whom I didn’t really know, was said to be an excellent astrologer and palm reader so I guess that is rubbed off on me to a large extent. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’What exactly is face reading?The genetic patterns as well as the nuances in day-to-day expressions are reflected in the facial structure. A careful analysis and study over time will give you an insight into how these different facial structures differ and these can be categorised if you are diligent enough. In nature, the bodily and facial structure of an animal reflects its activities. A long beaked bird has this attribute for one reason only. That is to visit long stemmed flowers. In the same way the structure of a human being- ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph ( three main structural types  ) determines the mental predisposition and also activity of these people. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixFace readers are able to categorise this and are adept at recognising not just these are general traits but also very specific traits and to make forecasts based on those observations.Are horoscopes and face-reading connected?Astrology is nothing but the representation of genetic patterns. It goes back to the Nadi’s (channels of the mind), the birth time, the family line, everything has been written and it all connects to astrology and face-reading. The Nadi leaves in India reveal your horoscope from just your thumb print! This is true astrology. All events, even the date of death, will be given. What is the India plan? I’m very pleased to be back in India after an absence of long years. Although not being physically here I have maintained my strong links with the teachers, the culture and of course the astrological and spiritual philosophy. Since being here have seen developments in leaps and bounds not just in terms of more modern looking structures but the infrastructure itself seems to have really changed for the better. I’m hoping now that the new cycle for India after 2014 will bring in a whole new level of prosperity, which will bring the country to the forefront of the world economy and once again reinstate the greatness of this land with its philosophical legacy.  In a way I have been a great exponent of India and its ancient science and philosophy which was thousands of years ahead of any of the modern research is in the West. read more

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Revisiting Premchand

first_img‘Do Bailon ki Katha’, ‘Namak ka Daroga’,  ‘Eidgaah’ – if these titles from Premchand’s works have made you sit up and notice then there’s a reason for you to celebrate this summer. Delhi government’s Hindi Academy brings you a children theatre festival ‘Is Greeshma Premchand Hain Bachchon Ke Sang’ from 20 June.In an attempt to enrich the lives of 8 to 16-year-old children, Hindi Academy introduced a month long workshop from 20 May .  In this workshop, 400 students from 10 schools in the capital are spending their time learning the intricacies of Hindi literature, honing their theatrical skills while acquainting themselves with the legend called Munshi Premchand. The workshop is being conducted by 10 directors chosen by the Academy who are grooming the children in the art of Premchand’s theatrics. The directors who are helping the projects in different schools are Haider Abbas Naqvi, Rajesh Kumar, Kumar Vir Bhushan, Bipin Pachauri, Rahul Saxena, Jawed Ibrahim, Mita Mishra, Mohammad Ali Ashraf, Amandeep Garg and Harshita Guha. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting”Premchand was a writer who went deep into the roots of Indian society and presented a true picture of it. So if we want to bring our children closer to Hindi literature, the job has to begin with Premchand,’ says Dr Harisuman Bisht, famous author and Secretary of Hindi Academy.The workshop will culminate into a grand festival for theatre that will be presented by the children over five days at the Little Theatre Group Auditorium at Mandi House.last_img read more

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New passion for thrill seekers

first_imgRiding through craggy terrain, dirt roads and treacherous paths are like child’s play for  mountain bikers. And this  new adventure sport is a  trend that is catching up among thrill seekers for that extra adrenaline rush.‘Mountain bicycling challenges every bit of you and requires perfect synchronisation of mind and body. It tests your endurance and willpower. Every time your body gives up, your mind encourages you to pedal harder,’ said Vamini Sethi, a mountain biking enthusiast. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Sethi, who owns two high-end bikes – Trek 2.1 and Trek 4300 – said the thrill keeps all of them going.Like her, there are many biking enthusiasts who are getting into this niche area for the love of the thrill and the challenge it offers, Sethi said.The numbers are slowly growing, despite it being an expensive hobby.Some of the credit for making mountain biking popular goes to the Himalayan Adventure Sports and Tourism Promotion Association (HASTPA).Formed in 2005, it is the brainchild of Mohit Sood, who with the support of a British friend decided to venture into this unknown territory.Ever since then, he has been successfully organising the MTB Himalaya international biking challenge, a gruelling seven-day trail from Shimla to Kullu, covering 550 kilometres. ‘Mountain bicycling is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires passion and ultimately gives you the thrill,’ Sood says.last_img read more

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Guilty pleasure par excellence

first_imgGabriel Allon, an Israeli super spy, has been called in to investigate the kidnapping of Madeline Hart, a young, ambitious woman in Britain’s ruling government, from a vacation in Corsica.Hart also has another secret. She’s also the mistress of the British Prime Minister, John Lancaster, standing for a second term in office. On the eve of the election, a scandal of this nature cannot reveal itself to the public eye. The ransom is ten million Euros and kidnappers demand that Gabriel Allon deliver it. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Gabriel Allon’s foray into British affairs has been rather feebly built up, like a rather poor James Bond film. His expertise requested for by his superiors in the Mossad as a favour to the British and Allon obliges. We are then transported into the world of an Israeli super spy, where we are taken through a roller coaster ride through England France, Corsica and Russia.Teaming up with an old adversary, Christian Keller, who was once hired to kill Allon, they get onto this journey to save Hart. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixIt is a rather unusual alliance, but Allon respects Keller’s expertise. Allon also draws from his sources from all echelons of society, with sometimes an entire village or a large bunch of individuals required for executing his plans. Searching for Hart takes up only half the novel, with other circumstances regarding her disappearance coming into play. These circumstances play an indelible part in maintaining the riveting path the plot take once it arrives mid-way. What happens here is something that should be left to the reader. The only hint left to the reader is that, what follows from here on out, is just as intriguing as what preceded it.last_img read more

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Inspirational posts In or out

first_imgThis weekend when you are relatively free from life’s mundane duties, ask yourself this: are you the one who loves to post motivational posts taken from new age gurus to the ancient scriptures on Facebook and Twitter? Did it ever occur to you that posting such profound thoughts may mean that you yourself need to fix your otherwise stressed life? Or are you a genuine change agent seeking to transform people’s lives for the better?Although some of the nation’s leading behavioural experts slightly differ on this, one thing is clear: for some people, in their quest for bringing clarity and optimism in their own lives, they may be sharing “profound” thoughts with others on various social media platforms. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’According to Dr Samir Parikh, director (mental health and behavioural sciences) at Fortis Hospitals in the capital, people typically share posts based on their likes and personalities. “This, however, cannot be generally applied to all the people. The fact is that people post things based on their personalities, their social groups, their interests and likes and dislikes, so any specific meaning to a post should be best avoided,” said Parikh. However, according to Piya Mukherjee, director at VES Leadership Academy and Research Centre (VESLARC) in Mumbai, such people may or may not are driven by unhappiness in their own lives but they have walked the path of pain and developed a keen sense of compassion for their wider circle of friends on social media. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix“Apart from the masses, there is another smaller group of people who share such posts – the catalysts or the change agents who genuinely see such posts as capable of inspiring others towards transformation,” noted Mukherjee, also a corporate coach. Such people are usually healers, teachers and counsellors by nature, irrespective of the official designation of the work they do. “Their role is to bring in some mind-food into the lives of their friends and they do this with a genuine intention,” said Mukherjee. A study last December created quite a stir as it claimed that people who post inspirational and motivational quotes on various social media like Facebook and Twitter are actually “dumb” and “have lower levels of intelligence”. In the study titled “On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bulls***t” that took examples of some of the inspirational quotes from new age guru Deepak Chopra, psychologists from the University of Waterloo in Canada examined whether some people are more receptive to some silly inspirational statements than others.The findings that appeared in the journal Judgment and Decision Making showed that there is a definite link between low intelligence and being impressed by what looks like “profound statements”. “I do not agree with these findings. Posts on inspiration may be a reflection of a person’s mindset, temperament, insight or the situation that the person may be in. A person may choose to just share posts with his friends because it inspires him personally or provides him with strength,” elaborated Dr Sameer Malhotra (director, mental health and behavioural sciences) at Max Hospitals. “It is not merely about intelligence but also about suggestibility, personality and support systems around you that shape your attitudes, beliefs and thinking patterns,” Parikh added. Dr Jyoti Kapoor Madan, senior consultant (psychiatry) at Gurgaon’s Paras Hospital, felt that people identify with thoughts and feelings which are prominent in their own mind.“Therefore, we are often interested in reading and searching for content which is associated with our own dilemmas and conflicts. These feelings, thoughts and artistic interpretations are then further shared on social media,” said Madan.There is, however, a fine line between “pseudo-profound” and otherwise pure inspirational stuff. “Motivational and inspirational quotes will interest individuals who themselves seek motivation or are seeking to get out of their own sense of helplessness or hopelessness. They may be lonely but are definitely looking to make it better, not worse,” Madan explained.According to Mukherjee, when one is experiencing pain and decides to lend a helping hand to another, two things happen – there is an immediate sense of empathy and inter-connectedness with others who may be suffering which, in turn, leads to a better perspective on one’s own unhappiness.Do such posts on the social media constitute a cry for help? “It would take a perceptive mind to ‘join the dots’ and realise that the person posting inspiring material is actually going through an acute case of the blues. Hence, a reader can view such received posts at two levels – that of face-value inspiration and of a deeper level query about the person who has posted it,” Mukherjee pointed out.In the meantime, keep feeding friends with some real stuff on the social media that may change their lives for good – and yours too!last_img read more

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Criminals have no place in Bengal CM

first_imgBajkul (East Midnapore): BJP has connived with CPI(M) and Congress to create trouble in Bengal with the help of Left-backed goons, alleged Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. She was addressing a gathering here on Wednesday afternoon.She said through a series of movements, Trinamool Congress was successful in putting an end to the misrule of CPI(M). But the goons who used to receive patronage of the party are now working for BJP. She warned them that they will be thrown out just like CPI(M), as “criminals have no place in Bengal.” Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life”The CPI(M) harmads have joined BJP to become ustads. They will be thrown out as criminals have no role to play here in Bengal,” the Chief Minister said. “How can the people of Midnapore forget the days of red terror unleashed by CPI(M) in Nandigram and other places? Many people had been killed and their bodies thrown into Haldi river. Fourteen people are still missing,” she said, adding: “I was not allowed to enter Nandigram as CPI(M) goons had put up blockades. I travelled on a motorcycle and finally reached the trouble-torn areas.” Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedBanerjee said BJP has ruined the country “economically and socially.” The country is yet to come out from the trauma of note ban. People lost their jobs and small traders were badly hit. Referring to the recent incident in Bulandshahr, she said a police officer who had been investigating an important case, has been killed. “By spreading hate politics, BJP is trying to destroy the social milieu. They have driven people out of Gujarat. In Assam, names of 40 lakh people have been kept out of the National Register of Citizens, of which 23 lakh are Hindus. Their only business is to incite Hindus against the Muslims, Christians against the Sikhs and thus destroy our social fabric. After ruining the country, they have now connived with CPI(M) and Bengal Congress to create trouble here,” she said and urged people not to get swayed by the rumours and canards spread by BJP. She urged people to ask BJP “why 12,000 farmers have committed suicide in their states and why they are inciting one community against the other.” The Chief Minister said that in the past seven years, massive development has taken place in East Midnapore. Digha is coming up as a major tourist spot and in a few years, it will attract more tourists than Goa. Roads have been built and infrastructure improved there. She regretted that the Centre is yet to clear the Ghatal Master Plan meant to control floods. A drinking water supply project at an estimated cost of Rs 2,300 crore has been taken up and superspecialty hospitals have come up in the district. “Midnapore has produced some of the finest human beings. The state government has set up a committee and the bicentenary of Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar will be observed in a befitting manner,” she said, urging students to study well and uphold the legacy of the district.last_img read more

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Howrah firearms racket House used for making small firearms

first_imgKolkata: The sleuths have got some important clues in connection with Howrah arms factory. Sources informed that police personnel, who went to Bihar, came to know that the house in Howrah had became the workshop for manufacturing small firearms. The materials were supplied from Munger in Bihar.According to the sources, after interrogating the three accused persons, police came to know that Munger is the hub for such firearms manufacturing. They were supposed to hand over the finished firearms to someone who would take those to Munger. Later, the firearms would be sold to its customers. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeAfter getting all the information, the sleuths suspect the arms racketeers might be using West Bengal as a manufacturing hub. They also came to know that to avoid any kind of suspicion, arms racketeers used to receive only small orders. If big orders came, it would be divided into several parts. The members of the manufacturing units were asked to keep a strict vigil on the locality whether they were being monitored. They were also instructed to stop manufacturing work completely for a few days if necessary. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThough police received some valuable tip off, they could not trace any one from Bihar in this case. Howrah Police has arrested three persons identified as Md Anwar, Md Sohel and Md Niraj Ansari on Tuesday evening from Gangaram Bairagi Lane in Howrah. During a search operation, police found 40 finished and 30 unfinished pistols and other apparatus related to firearms manufacture. The trio were arrested immediately. Sources informed that the accused persons are from Munger in Bihar. The trio had hired the house a few years ago for the purpose of a lathe factory. During day time, they used to do normal work and at night, they used to manufacture fire arms.last_img read more

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