NAHBS 2015: No. 22 heads to races with 13.1-pound titanium/carbon road bike, updates others

first_imgThe larger chainstays required new dropouts, so they developed these huge, 3D hooded dropouts that are internally relieved. The result, says No. 22’s Michael Smith, co-founder, is a massively stiff rear end.Including seatmast and hardware, anticipated frame weight is around 1,370g. This complete bike came in at just 13.1lb with Reynolds RZR 46 wheels, Cannondale SiSL2 spider cranks, eeBrakes and Dura-Ace Di2 group.The Great Divide was available with disc brakes as an extra cost option, but now it’s a standard offering.Delicious finishes like this gold etching treatment may cost you a bit more, though.The Broken Arrow cyclocross bike was announced at the end of December, but only with standard quick release dropouts. Now, it gains a thru axles option. Smith said they’d held off offering that since sourcing a fork had been an issue…until TRP’s new fork came The etched head badge instead of the normal titanium badge that’s bonded on also saves a few grams.The seat mast topper is the forged version we saw at Philly Bike Expo, courtesy of Stijl Cycles’ Hinmaton, who helps design several of the tubes and dropouts for No. 22’s bikes.The chainstays are 1″ diameter that have been ovalized to clear a 28mm tire, and the downtube is bigger than the other bikes, too. All in the name of stiffness. No. 22’s Reactor is their all-new race bike, taking over the top of the performance line from the Great Divide as a more race oriented model.It replaces the seat tube with a carbon tube, which maybe saves about 50g when comparing apples to apples. But, since the tube goes all the way thru, it forms a seatmast that ultimately saves about 100g of system weight compared to using a standard seat post. It also allows them to make the ride a bit more compliant and lets them tune the final ride characteristics rather than leave it up to whatever seatpost the customer ended up with.Up front, it gets an all-new headtube that’s tapered and uses integrated bearing shelves, something more typically found on carbon frames. That lets them use pressed bearings, which are much cleaner looking, and it saves weight. The new tube, headset spec and other details put total weight savings just in the headtube area is 150g.Not every part of the bike got lighter, though…last_img