Suffering made to measure: new ‘Honour’ clothing range from Sufferfest

first_imgThe Sufferfest, best known for making cyclists suffer on the bike, has turned its attention to making them look good off it with a new range of understated smart-casual wear. The collection includes a jacket, button-down shirt, pique polo and a crew t-shirt.“Being a Sufferlandrian isn’t just about doing Sufferfest videos,” said The Sufferfest’s Chief Suffering Officer David McQuillen.“It’s about a certain spirit – it’s about courage, finding limits and surpassing them and, of course, it’s about a supremely high pain threshold.”McQuillen was inspired to design the range when out to dinner with a few cycling friends. “I noticed the brands on their shirts – and nothing told the story of who these people were. So I set about creating something that could allow them to express themselves, but not look out of place in social settings.”He continued, “Together with our long-time partners Aprés Vèlo, we chose to focus on wardrobe essentials: the poplin button-down, the simple black jacket, a pique polo and a luxury crew tee.” Related According to McQuillen, the problem with most cycling-related casual wear is that it’s too loud and over-the-top to wear in smart-casual environments. So the Honour range aims to take an understated approach, using an embroidered shield from the Sufferlandrian Coat-of-Arms as it’s unifying symbol.The shield features four elements that most cyclists should identify with: ann 11-tooth cog for Power, a ’10/10’ for Courage, a teardrop for Sacrifice and the volcano of Mt Sufferlandria for Challenge.“Now,” said McQuillen, “whether it’s smart-casual day at work, a weekend BBQ, dinner with friends or an informal meeting with team sponsors, Sufferlandrians can appropriately, elegantly and subtly declare who they really are.”The Sufferfest Honour Range is available in limited numbers online from Aprés Vèlo.The Sufferfest creates some of the world’s best cycling videos for individual and group training. Every video features officially licensed footage from professional races such as the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and UCI World Championships, ‘creating an extraordinary experience guaranteed to engage, challenge and entertain athletes of all levels.’The Sufferfest has a passionate following of ‘Sufferlandrians’ in 70 countries worldwide, and also takes its offering to group fitness through a new licensing program for gyms and studios.www.TheSufferfest.comlast_img