Kenya grants South Africa’s visitors 90-day visa free stay

first_imgKenya has granted South Africans additional time to visit Kenya without Visas.Previously South Africans were allowed to stay in the country for only 30 days, but now they can stay in the nation without Visas for three months.Kenya’s Interior secretary Joseph Nkaissery  in a legal notice published last Friday says that South Africans can now visit and stay in Kenya without Visa for up to three months, Business Daily reports.“Civil servants, holders of diplomatic, official or ordinary passports” can visit Kenya without visas “for a period exceeding (sic) ninety (90) days”. The Ministry of Interior later clarified that there was an error in the notice, and that it ought to have read a period “not exceeding ninety (90) days”, this according to the notice.South Africa has been known to tighten visa rules for Kenyans but the extended visa free travel notice further tips the balance of diplomatic relations in favour of South Africa.The East African country has long expressed unhappiness with the many hurdles its citizens face when travelling to South Africa.In particular, pricy visas and a lengthy processing period. Diplomatic relations have been one-sided, given that South Africans receive free visas upon arrival in Kenya.It’s hoped that the move by Mr Nkaissery will be a signal that Pretoria is preparing to reciprocate the move by easing entry of Kenyans to South Africa.President Uhuru Kenyatta has previously raised the concerns with South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma, but Zuma refused to commit on measures to ease visa rules.South Africa claimed that its visa rules are meant to insulate it from irregular migration, a sore topic in a country that has suffered numerous bouts of xenophobic attacks against foreigners.“We have to ensure that there are no loopholes for criminals to take advantage of,” Mr Zuma said in response to questions on his country’s visa policies.last_img