Rx/Tx Converters to Improve Reliability & Time to Market for Mobile Operators

first_imgAnalog Devices has introduced highly integrated Rx/Tx converters that significantly improve the reliability, cost, and time to market for microwave and millimeter wave mobile operators and telecom equipment manufacturers. The new HMC8100 and HMC8200 Rx/Tx converters uniquely incorporate a wide array of functions, replacing multiple discrete parts to provide a single-source, high-performance solution for microwave backhaul applications. Since reducing the number of components simplifies the design, manufacturers can now be market-ready faster. The significant reduction in board size and associated power consumption further improves reliability and reduces both system cost and operating expenses. The resulting telecom equipment is more dependable in the field, and enables mobile operators to provide a high-quality mobile phone service experience for the end customer.The HMC8100 IF receiver chip converts RF input signals ranging from 800 MHz to 4 GHz down to a single-ended IF signal of 140 MHz at its output. The device includes two voltage gain amplifiers, three power detectors, a programmable automatic gain control block, and select integrated bandpass filters with 14 MHz, 28 MHz, 56 MHz, and 112 MHz bandwidth. It supports all standard microwave frequency bands from 6 to 42 GHz. The device is available in a 40-lead 6 mm x 6 mm LFCSP package.The HMC8200 IF transmitter chip converts the industry standard 300 MHz to 400 MHz IF input signal to an 800 MHz to 4 GHz single-ended RF signal at its output. With IF input power ranges from -31 dBm to +4 dBm, it provides 35 dB of digital gain control in 1 dB steps while an analog voltage gain amplifier continuously controls the transmitter output power from -20 dBm to +5 dBm. The device also features three integrated power detectors. The device is available in a 32-lead 5 mm x 5mm KFCSP package.Both the converters are in production and samples are now available.last_img