Shipping Deadlines Approaching for Christmas Deliveries

first_imgBelow are the deadlines for shipping packages domestically. Click here to go to their website for international and military deadlines. Peppinger: “The website has where you can go online and print your shipping label and save some on the postage. It gives you the free tracking, you can add insurance up to $5,000. If you’re in an area where your carrier drops by and makes deliveries, he can actually pick-up your package for you if you’ve got all your postage on there by using the click-and-ship program.” Peppinger: “We don’t require that you use brown wrapping paper, you can just use a normal box, just make sure there’s no hazardous materials markings on there or some people re-use an alcohol shipping box, don’t use that because alcohol is prohibited in the mail. Don’t use holiday wrapping paper on the outside of the box, I know that looks pretty and it’s attractive but the problem is is that is a really fragile paper and it tears real easily.” Peppinger says another good idea is to include the intended delivery address inside the box in case anything happens to the label secured on the outside. FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The United States Postal Service is reminding customers that December 15 is the deadline to send packages via standard mail to have the parcels delivered by Christmas. She says the website also has tips on packing parcels, like not to have any ribbons or strings on the exterior. USPS spokeswoman Dawn Peppinger says the important 2015 shipping dates have been posted.last_img