“Such Sweet Sorrow”: Cookie’s heart suffers in latest episode of “Empire”

first_img Related FOX(LOS ANGELES) — This week’s Empire begins with Cookie being wheeled off to the hospital after losing feeling in one of her arms. It’s soon revealed that she suffered a heart attack. Lucious goes to the hospital’s church and angrily tells a replica of Jesus that if Cookie is taken away from him, the world will face his wrath. Eddie and his ex-wife Celeste show Lupe Fiasco, making a cameo as himself, around an apartment. Eddie and Celeste get into an argument about the debt he and Giselle are racking up, but he reassures her that everything is OK.   Meanwhile, Cookie begins her recuperation in bed, but sends out business orders for Hakeem and Jamal. Andre stops by for a visit in which he apologizes to Cookie. Becky tells Jamal that she is terminating her pregnancy.  Cookie’s sisters, Candace and Carol, played by Vivica A. Fox and Tasha Smith, respectively, stop over to keep an eye on Cookie. Becky tells J Poppa that she’s pregnant, but he’s OK with the news. Becky tells him that she can’t have a kid in her life right now.Jamal has an interview with guest star Robin Roberts to talk about the death of Angelo on Good Morning America, but the interview ends badly. Becky goes to the doctor to terminate her pregnancy. J Poppa and Jamal show up for support.     Andre tells Cookie and Lucious that Eddie’s deal with Kelly Patel is bogus. Cookie calls Eddie in to confront him about his deal with Kelly Patel. Eddie reveals Patel’s plan to buy Empire, and he also tells Lucious and Cookie that some people think Empire is a joke. Cookie tells Eddie to take some time off.Lucious tells Cookie to stop pushing herself and Cookie breaks down and says she doesn’t want to die.Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMaticolast_img