Bartica, a town in despair?

first_imgDear Editor,Greetings to the readers and fellow subscribers! I must say that in this new dispensation of government, a lot was promised with only a little actually being done or still to be achieved. When would they actually formalise a project from scratch and see its birth? One is yet to see.I must say in this little Guyana, this land is rich and diverse in many ways; I guess that’s why people say it, “politicians are fighting for a share”. I guess with what one has to fathom every day, the struggles, the silent tears and utter frustrations of the real and true Guyanese who day in day out yearn for a better livelihood for their families, only then can one say if the politicians are for them or for their own selfish nature.I know, I’ve strayed from my caption. It hurts, it just hurts. But my beloved birthplace is suffering and continues to suffer with this new dispensation. Why? How?Why: It was this government’s promise that Bartica was going to be the first green town… but blackouts persist. Are there inadequate or lack of qualified personnel to find a solution to avoid continuous periods of blackouts?The only logic is that we get new engines. While I agree with this, the ugly truth is that it’s just a figment of our imagination. Apparently, parts of the engines are coming from the east, west, north and south. Now the MPI is sending engineers to help. Like seriously, it only begs to ask; don’t we have qualified people here, or are they saying what I’m thinking, “incompetence”?I wouldn’t discredit the workers here to that degree, but really and truly, our situation has got out of control. Are we only paying our bills to avoid disconnection? Because it seems only this is very detailed about GPL’s operation. Being a resident of this community for 20-odd years might be too little to describe this village of ours’ plight of electricity, it has been well documented. Names have changed of government and as well institutions, but the same problems persist… human resource has grown but that still doesn’t solve this problem.How? Bartica is known as the hinterland’s gateway; boasting of gold and diamond outside of that the business community has grown and come a far way. Employment rate is adequate, but everything comes to a grinding halt when there is no electricity! Can you believe it? I’m sure many can relate. While many, suffice to say, “well off” enterprises have invested heavily in having another source of electricity, most of the developing businesses suffer.We’ve recently had the so called “local government elections”. For what purpose? I’m still trying to fathom some sort of reasoning.Bartica was granted Township status, but what has changed? Same old blackout and poor water supply, the same ones in the so called “Mayor and Councillors” office. Let me be very frank, it was just for position and nothing else. Because if you see the Mayor or his deputy five times a month, you see them plenty.They are only seen when there is a photo op with their cohorts of the government fraternity. Sad to say, but they have duped many into voting, and Bartica suffers…When there is no electricity, there is no water (many can verify), the only other source is the river, which many people use but it is heavily polluted (7th Avenue beach, just to name one).?The information that GPL is indicating online (for those that have adequate Internet access) isn’t of much assistance to help one out of the current state of affairs in Bartica.Before I leave, I must say that on the campaign trail the Madam Deputy Mayor was very vocal on the plight of adequate power supply, but one has to wonder where the steam is, much more the fire. I guess now madam knows about bureaucracy…Regards,Niranjanlast_img