Summize: Enhancing Search With Heatmaps

first_imgDigging deeper into SummizeBeyond informative heatmaps, Summize does a good job with other search resultessentials. Firstly, it has three sorting knobs – by relevance, by red (bad) and by green(good). It also uses Ajax to show product previews on rollover – which is elegant,unobtrusive and useful. Another interesting feature is the voting up or down, whichallows Summize to collect its own voting information. This looks like the beginning of ahome-grown review system, to supplement the crawler results. Finally Summize shows you the price next to each item, on Amazon. At the moment, theservice is only affiliated with Amazon and offers Ajax popups to buy the item fromAmazon. From the way the popup is designed, we can deduce that other sites will beintegrated in the future. Summize – applying heatmaps to searchJust as CrazyEgg’s application of heatmaps to click analysis is clever and useful, sois Summize‘s way of applying heatmaps to shopping.As with any search engine, you key into the search box what you are looking for. Summizesearches its database and comes back with the results. It is the presentation of theresults that makes this search engine very different. We see a summary of all productratings presented as a heatmap, plus a digg-like voting mechanism and product thumbpreviews presented – all in one clean and simple interface. alex iskold 1 Tags:#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts ConclusionSummize is impressive. Its power is in delivering a lot of information, using arelatively simple interface. And , like the Metacritic movie review aggregator which weprofiledearlier this year, Summize brings together reviews and normalizes ratings to outputessentially a single rating number. The presentation is not only innovative, but useful. One thing that could hurt theadoption somewhat is the fact that there is a substantial percentage of the populationwith various forms of colorblindness. But to address this issue, Summize could develop a version that usesgrayscale. Overall Summize, which is still under the radar, looks promising. Please take a lookat it and let us know what you think. Summize’s infrastructure crawls user reviews all over the web and accumulates themtogether, into a single normalized rating database. The search results show the votesfrom this database using the heatmap. For example, in the figure above we see that thesum total of opinions of the Canon Powershot is 60% – very positive. Only 9% arequite negative and the rest are in-between. So this is essentially an instantrecommendation for the family of products. Beyond that, we get details for each matching product – including a product-specificheatmap. To get reviews of each product, you can click the product link. We wrote about Abdur Chowdhury in our recentcoverage of the Open Data 2007 Workshop. Until recently he was running AOL Search,but left to start a new venture. Abdur is an impressive thinker and articulate speaker,with a great track record in the industry. So we decided to take a look at what he is upto! As it turns out, he is developing an innovative vertical search engine forshopping called Summize. This search engineuses a technique called heatmaps, which we’ll explore in this post.Heatmaps Primer A heatmap is a visualization technique fordisplaying complex information in two dimensions, using colors. For example, heatmaps areused in weather maps to display temperature or amount of rain. The coloring works likethis: you choose a range of values (for temperature on the chart to the right, the rangeis from -60 to 120 F) and then map colors onto this range. There various ways of doingthis mapping, depending on how fine grained you need the map to be. In the case of justtwo colors, say red and green, you can do it using RGB encoding – starting with redmoving towards black, and then passing black towards green.Heatmaps are also actively used in biology, particularly in DNA microarrays. Recently,stats service CrazyEgg applied heatmaps to trackingwhat visitors do on a user’s website. Their software captures user clicks on each pageand then presents a summary in the form of a heatmap. The visual effect is stunning – youget instant insight as to what your visitors are doing on the site. Comparing products using SummizeComparison shopping is an essential part of shopping and product research. Summizeuses heatmaps to compare products. Again, the ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’wisdom proves true. Seeing the heatmaps side by side gives the consumer a quick verdicton what other consumers collectively voted for: Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img