Weekly Report from Washington, D.C

first_imgCCH Tax Day ReportCongress is on recess. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) issued a report on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) (P.L. 111-148) employer mandate. The IRS reminded taxpayers of the April 18 filing deadline.White HousePresident Trump discussed health care and taxes (TAXDAY, 2017/04/13, W.1. According to the White House, the Trump administration is still in the beginning phase of tax reform (TAXDAY, 2017/04/11, W.1)TreasuryTIGTA issued a report on the employer shared responsibility provisions under the ACA (TAXDAY, 2017/04/11, T.1).IRSFiling Season. The IRS reminded taxpayers about the April 18 filing deadline (IR-2017-81; TAXDAY, 2017/04/14, I.2) and provided some last-minute tips (IR-2017-80; TAXDAY, 2017/04/13, I.1). The Service also reminded U.S. citizens and resident aliens with foreign assets to check their filing requirements (IR-2017-82; TAXDAY, 2017/04/14, I.3). Additionally, the IRS provided tips on choosing a return preparer (IR-2017-79; TAXDAY, 2017/04/12, I.2).Data Retrieval Tool. The IRS posted questions and answers about the data retrieval tool (DRT) being offline (TAXDAY, 2017/04/14, I.1).Fuels. The IRS issued the nonconventional source fuel reference price for 2016 (TAXDAY, 2017/04/11, I.2).Credits. The IRS released inflation adjustments and reference prices for the renewable energy production credit (TAXDAY, 2017/04/12, I.1).By Jessica Jeane and George L. Yaksick, Jr., Wolters Kluwer News Stafflast_img