Use Your Donation Management Software to Manage Recurring Giving

first_imgDonation Management Software to Manage Recurring GivingEstablishing recurring giving is one of the most beneficial uses for your donation management software. Fundraising software for nonprofits is able to collect the required donor information and process the donation, but why should your use of donation software stop there?There are several reasons why recurring giving will increase overall donations to your organization. A recurring gift option:Allows donors who have limited expendable income to increase annual donations by giving a smaller amount every month.Lets people who are on budgets fit giving into their monthly planning—and by giving regular small amounts, they are able to give more overall than they would be if they had to make one single contribution.Increases donors’ confidence that they are making enough of a donation to make a difference. If people feel like they can’t give enough to make a difference they are more likely not to give at all.Is convenient because it can be automatic. Online fundraising tools can be set up to make a charge/withdrawal every month, with no further action required by your organization or the donor. Donation software can also send a “thank you” right away, so the donor knows the donation has been made, and feels appreciated for each donation. (Donors stop giving when they don’t hear back from the recipient, or don’t feel appreciated.)By properly placing the recurring giving option on your donation page, you can encourage people to give more. It belongs in a prominent place in your fundraising appeals.Don’t be shy about asking for recurring donations—they have two advantages for the donor. They allow the donor to budget a smaller amount each month, so they are able to give more over the course of the year, and it is convenient for them. They only have to decide once how much to give each month, then there’s nothing else required of them. A gracious thank you after each recurring gift will keep them feeling good about supporting your cause, and your organization. This also serves as a receipt, which can save on staff hours because manually tracking donations and sending out receipts takes a lot of time.To learn more about Recurring Giving, check out our Quick-Start Guide for Nonprofits and Donor Communication Templates.last_img