Province Working to Update Audit Appeal Process for Doctors

first_imgNova Scotia is updating its audit and appeal process for physician billing. The Department of Health and Wellness and Doctors Nova Scotia have chosen a consultant to review the process. During this review, a committee of government and medical experts will work to resolve billing issues, such as the recent radiologists billing issue. “We need to have a robust and well-planned audit and appeal process,” said Health and Wellness Minister Leo Glavine. “It must reflect the complexity of today’s health care delivery, ensure fairness and protect taxpayer dollars.” “At the end of the day, physicians just want confidence in the billing and audit systems in place so they can trust they are being treated fairly and paid for the services they provide,” said Dr. Mike Fleming, Doctors Nova Scotia president. “With a solid system in place, we can focus our energy on where it matters most — caring for our patients. We are pleased to see Minister Glavine share this same desire.” The consultant is expected to be done within a few months and the new process should be in place later this year. The physician billing manual is also being updated. “I’d like to thank Doctors Nova Scotia for their partnership and everyone who is working hard to complete this important work,” said Mr. Glavine. Doctors Nova Scotia is paying consultant John Carter $54,000.last_img