IFixit Teardown of Google Home Reveals Chromecast Guts and a Little House

first_imgStay on target The Amazon Echo seemed like a strange idea when Amazon introduced it two years ago, but the voice-activated assistant hub has proven popular with consumers. Now, Google is leveraging its more powerful voice-activated “Assistant” in a similar product called Google Home. It is iFixit’s solemn duty when new hardware comes out to tear it apart so we may see what makes it tick (or talk, in this case). What iFixit found in Google Home is rather amusing—there’s actually a little house in there.Before digging into the Google Home, iFixit took an x-ray photo of its insides. Right up at the top is a peculiar house shape. What’s that all about? You have to bust it open to find out. After removing the magnetic base cover, the main chassis can be opened with a few torx screws. There’s only one cable to worry about when taking the case apart—it runs from the motherboard up to the touch-sensitive board at the top of the device (it also houses the microphones). This board is actually glued to the top with a layer of mega-sticky adhesive. Luckily, that’s the only glue in Google Home.The motherboard shares a lot of features with the Chromecast. There’s a Marvell dual-core ARM A7 SoC, 256MB of storage, and 512MB of RAM. As for that house shape from the x-ray, that’s the PCB printing on around the Marvell wireless controller (see below). Fun.The entire bottom section of Google Home is taken up by the 2-inch speaker driver with dual passive radiators. A rubber gasket is the only thing holding it in place after the rest of the case is removed. Interestingly, the bottom of the device where the magnetic cover attachment is also has a charging cable that doesn’t connect to anything. iFixit speculates it may have originally been intended to make into Home a portable device.In all, iFixit gives Google Home a repairability score of 8 out of 10. It only loses points for the glue on the top board and a DC jack soldered to the main board. Not bad. iFixit Breaks Down What Killed Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charging MatApple’s Durable HomePod Makes Home Repairs Impossible last_img