RPGCrate is a natural 20 for 30

first_imgDo you know what THAC0 is? If you do, then I call you brother (or sister). If you don’t, that’s no big; tabletop games are for more than just the super-old. And either way, you should check out RPGCrate if you like filling out character sheets and rolling dice.RPGCrate is a new monthly crate focused on tabletop RPGs. It’s an independent endeavor powered by Cratejoy (not affiliated with Loot Crate), and we got one of the first crates. And it’s an impressive treasure trove of AD&D-era RPG resources.AdChoices广告2 Relics from Old School Renaissance3 Tales From the Bloody Bucket Adventure CardsAD&D Adventure Module A1: A Forgotten Evil by Mischief Inc.Dragonborn Elementalist pewter miniatureEtch-Master photo-etched brass accessory sheet for miniatures2 Chessex 10-dice sets with felt drawstring bagsCall of the Herald by Brian Rathbone (download code)BattleBards adventure music (download code)The most impressive, and downright esoteric, part of the crate is the “OSR Relics” from Old School Renaissance. Basically, they found a hoard of old tabletop RPG magazines, and two are packed into each box. And these are old; The Dungeoneer and Judges Guild Journal from 1980. That’s older than me and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition!Speaking of AD&D, the crate includes Adventure Module A1: A Forgotten Evil by Alex Karaczun, an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons module. It’s a full-on dungeon crawl, published by Mischief Inc. in 2016 but built around a 1989 game system. It goes nicely with the three Tales From the Bloody Bucket Adventure Cards also in the box, double-sided one-page adventures with maps, area descriptions, and encounter information.For feelies, the box also includes an old school pewter Dragonborn Elementalist miniature from Kobold Press and Effin Cool Miniatures, and a sheet of Etch-Master decorations (swords, shields, a banner) photo-etched from a brass sheet for enhancing your miniatures. Also, two full sets of Chessex dice (D4, 4D6, D8, 2D10 for D100, D12, and D20) in red and green, each with their own dice bag.If that isn’t enough, the RPGCrate comes with digital supplemental material. There’s an illustration booklet for A Forgotten Evil, plus an audio book, ebook, and maps for Call of the Herald by Brian Rathbone, and a coupon code for some DMing music from BattleBards.Yeah, for tabletop gaming RPGCrate definitely counts as a critical hit. You can subscribe to future RPGCrate shipments for $29.89 per month. If you have regular game nights where you clear off the dining room table and roll out the DM screen, RPGCrate is worth your attention. RPGCrate’s box.<><>last_img