Face a fortune

Dadhichi, who’s been practicing for 27 years, is one of the best known astrologers world wide. Known for face reading and esoteric studies, Dadhichi blends in what the stars predict to tell the future. Mills&Boon brings Dadhichi to India with his set of predictions for the year..What got you in to horoscope and face reading?The choices that you make are in your genes but that gene is fate or destiny. As a child I grew up wanting to become an astro-physicist, and barely missed the mark there. I feel that astrology was my calling. Technical knowledge is nothing without intuition. I have been studying astrology for nearly 30 years. I began the practice when I was a child because my mother used to read astrology books to me at bed time. My father whom I didn’t really know, was said to be an excellent astrologer and palm reader so I guess that is rubbed off on me to a large extent. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’What exactly is face reading?The genetic patterns as well as the nuances in day-to-day expressions are reflected in the facial structure. A careful analysis and study over time will give you an insight into how these different facial structures differ and these can be categorised if you are diligent enough. In nature, the bodily and facial structure of an animal reflects its activities. A long beaked bird has this attribute for one reason only. That is to visit long stemmed flowers. In the same way the structure of a human being- ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph ( three main structural types  ) determines the mental predisposition and also activity of these people. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixFace readers are able to categorise this and are adept at recognising not just these are general traits but also very specific traits and to make forecasts based on those observations.Are horoscopes and face-reading connected?Astrology is nothing but the representation of genetic patterns. It goes back to the Nadi’s (channels of the mind), the birth time, the family line, everything has been written and it all connects to astrology and face-reading. The Nadi leaves in India reveal your horoscope from just your thumb print! This is true astrology. All events, even the date of death, will be given. What is the India plan? I’m very pleased to be back in India after an absence of long years. Although not being physically here I have maintained my strong links with the teachers, the culture and of course the astrological and spiritual philosophy. Since being here have seen developments in leaps and bounds not just in terms of more modern looking structures but the infrastructure itself seems to have really changed for the better. I’m hoping now that the new cycle for India after 2014 will bring in a whole new level of prosperity, which will bring the country to the forefront of the world economy and once again reinstate the greatness of this land with its philosophical legacy.  In a way I have been a great exponent of India and its ancient science and philosophy which was thousands of years ahead of any of the modern research is in the West.