ASUS Chromebook C523 ventures into 15inch territory

Like the C423, the ASUS Chromebook C523 is a return to basics. None of the fancy 2-in-1 or 360-degree forms, though you can optionally have a touch-sensitive display. No unknown processor, just an Intel Celeron N3350 or, optionally, a Pentium N4200. There’s 4 to 8 GB of RAM inside and 32 to 64 GB of expandable eMMC storage.The Chromebook C523 is pretty much your standard, traditional Chrome OS laptop. Its main selling point is, of course, its larger screen size, now 15.6 inches. You can pick between 1366×768 or 1920×1080 resolutions, though at that large size you might want to go Full HD anyway. The screen does fold back up to 180 degrees, though that’s more for tabletop meetings than anything else. Just like the Chromebook C423, ASUS as not yet announced availability details for the Chromebook C523. Given the specs and comparing it its peers, it could go anywhere from $300 to $400. Of course, you’re paying for more than just a Chrome OS device considering you can also run Android apps on it and, soon, Linux apps as well. Barely two weeks ago, right around Google’s event, ASUS silently announced the Chromebook C423. Now it has done it again, not really announcing the Chromebook C523. The similarity in the name isn’t accidental. The two are, in many ways, identical. Both come in a traditional laptop form factor at a time when Chrome OS tablets seem to be the new trend. The difference is that the Chromebook C523 is larger than the C423. Not by much but enough to be ASUS’ first ever 15-inch Chromebook.