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So what this result shows is that the team was a little bit divided and physically it cost us a little bit as well, 11, Ariz. where I was stationed as part of the Granite Mountain crew of wildland firefighters It was drought conditions hereand we’d just spotted smoke It went to black against the dome of blue sky Then it started moving to the northeast faster The radio crackled "Crew Seven" That was us We started the buggies big white Ford F-450 trucks with equipment lockers above our heads that held our packs bins on the side of the trucks that held all our other gear and captains chairs for us to sit on during the drive to the fire line The drivers revved the engines and tore out of the stations driveway The guys were amped You could feel it It reminded me of those soldiers at Stalingrad: The fire was threatening our homes our families It was time to fight My crew mate Chris and I found a gap in the brush and he went first We began burning one eye on the flames and one on the ground ahead of us We were carving a burned-out barrier to stop the flames before they reached town The fire was moving so damn fast It was 200 yards away now and the noise was building A mountain-sized lion roaring thats what it sounded like Burning embers flew through the air lighting up spot fires ahead of the fire wall I began to hear a particular sound The sound of a freight train An out-of-control wildfire that is bearing down on you makes a sound like a freight train or really a hundred freight trains shooting out steam at high pressure Not only that but each burst of sound seems to spawn three more until theres this infinitely expanding roar ripping in your ears Hotshots believe that once you hear that sound youre nearly out of time If the wildfire caught Chris and me wed either be dead or suffer 100% body burns There were no other options We ran Chris was shouting but now his voice was sucked in by the howling of the fire Our brothers were somewhere through the wall of brush but no one could hear us I saw daylight ahead and the dark flat shape of asphalt With one last grunt Chris jerked me free of the brush The air was clean and not too hot We sucked it in greedily I felt pure animal joy surging through my gut We got out of that alive That was 12 days before Yarnell and the fire that killed 19 of my brothers while I was serving as a lookout in a different location Wildfires are getting bigger They’re burning hotter wider and longer Thousands of firefighters are in the field in the Westand it’s not enough The government is giving National Guard troops emergency wildfire training so they can help out crews that are stretched beyond their limits I’m the first to admit I’m not an expert I was a seasonal employee who saw a lot of action during a time of drought But three seasons was enough to at least show that there was a problem in how we fight wildfires nationally The system we have isn’t working period We need innovation in how we fight wildfires The hard-working men and women who fight fires need to come home at night to the people who love them I go to the Pioneers Home Cemetery in Prescott to visit the graves of my brothers when I can Not too often to be honest Its painful still more than I can describe But I love this place in a way Ive told my family I want to be buried here That was an easy call I want to be with my brothers Thats where home has been for me ever since I met them Theres no point in remembering me without remembering Eric and Jesse and Chris and Travis and the rest of the boys because without them I would have been a different man a far less honorable person Is it strange at 23-years-old to think about my burial plot Not for me Its the continuation of what I feel now I think about the guys every day; I talk to them Theres not a day goes by that I dont encounter a situation where a lesson one of the Granite Mountain guys taught me comes to mind It could be how to treat every moment with my daughter Michaela like it could be my last Do I always live up to their memories Hell no I mess up all the time But I never even had that ideal to try to reach before Now I do Those guys are with me as much as my daughter or my mother is and so I look forward to being alongside them for good Therapy has gotten me here talking through that day at Yarnell and untangling the emotions that come with it Ill never lose the horrible memories I have but I can change the way I feel about them The memorials the faces the crinkly feel of those orange body bags theyre part of me But Ive been allowed to grieve these men now Ive accepted that I couldnt have saved them no matter what I did What happened was a wildfire that ran out of control I didnt fail my brothers and they didnt abandon me Only by learning to live with what happened at Yarnell and accepting the gift that my brothers gave me can I be with the people I love Adapted from My Lost Brothers: The Untold Story by the Yarnell Hill Fire’s Lone Survivor copyright 2016 by Brendan McDonough First hardcover edition published May 3 2016 by Hachette Books All rights reserved Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsBackground checks for all firearm transactions could reduce the risk of violence AP Photo/Philip Kamrass The key to stopping mass shootings Treat them like a public health disaster this scientist says By Frankie SchembriSep 27 2018 11:30 AM Some of the deadliest mass shootings in US history including lone gunmen killing 26 people at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs Texas and 17 students and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida have occurred in the past 2 years These tragedies were preventable says Garen Wintemute an emergency medicine physician at the University of California (UC) Davis Medical Center and the director of UC Davis’s Violence Prevention Research Program Wintemute has studied gun violence for more than 30 years and is one of the few researchers to approach the matter as an issue of public health He has gone undercover at gun shows to document illegal activity and worked with California lawmakers to establish gun policies Wintemute writes about his solutions to gun violence in an opinion piece published this week in The New England Journal of Medicine Science chatted with him about the unique factors behind mass shootings and which policy interventions are most effective This interview has been edited for clarity and length Q: What does it mean to approach gun violence from a public health perspective A: Firearm violence has been seen traditionally as a crime problem But gun violence is one of our leading causes of death and injury and the implications of this violence are huge in terms of the safety and health of our overall population So we treat it as we would any other major health problem We ask: Where does it come from How does it get amplified Who is at risk for developing this problem Can we learn enough to create a treatment or prevention strategy Q: How are mass shootings different from other acts of gun violence A: They are rare accounting for maybe 1% of deaths from firearm violence But they are also unique They are the one form of violence about which no one can tell a story that leaves themselves out It could happen to me It could happen to my children It could happen to my grandchildren What public mass shootings have sadly done is for the first time in history made this everyone’s problem The specific role of my article is to point out that there are some very specific things that we can do to help make these events a lot less likely to happen Garen Wintemute UC Davis Health Illustration Services Q: The first way you say we can stop mass shootings is through better background checks How do we improve them A: Twenty-two percent of all firearm transfers in the country do not involve a background check These take place over the internet at gun shows or a brokered through “friend of a friend” exchanges Some states require a background check for all transfers of firearms but most states do not and the federal government does not Comprehensive well-designed background checks as well as regular reporting by agencies of incidents that would prohibit someone from purchasing a gun would let us see the full effectiveness of this policy Q: Your second recommendation is for gun violence restraining orders What do these involve A: If a person is credibly believed to be at high and imminent risk of doing harm and has access to firearms these laws allow law enforcement or family members to go to a judge and present the evidence just as they would in any other court proceeding The judge can then issue an order that authorizes law enforcement to recover firearms from this individual for a defined period of time typically just 2 or 3 weeks These orders if properly used would not just prevent individual tragedies but could probably drop rates of violence altogether because it’s so common that a future shooter puts out unmistakable signals of intent to do harm This can mean telling hospital staff friends or family that they’re planning on hurting themselves or others It can mean unusual patterns of purchasing weapons like purchasing several firearms in a short time span Here in California I am aware of two mass shootings that did not occur because the intended shooters said things like “I’m going to shoot up a school” which came to the attention of law enforcement Q: Do you ever encounter resistance to your work because of the political debate around gun control A: There’s always controversy with this sort of work but to me the common ground far outweighs it One of the policy proposals that is widely seen as highly controversial is to require a background check for all purchases of firearms More than 90% of the population supports that measure but so do more than 80% of gun owners and more than 70% of self-identified members of the National Rifle Association A mistake that is often made—it’s made by the public it’s made by the media—is to pay attention to the extremes and ignore the fact that the country has basically made up its mind on this one We just need our leadership to represent the opinions of the people and not the opinions of the extremes Q: What are you going to study next A: We’re conducting a true randomized trial of an intervention here in California that identifies people who legally purchased firearms in the past but have just become prohibited from owning firearms They’ve just been convicted of a violent crime or they’ve just been served with a domestic violence restraining order or they’ve just been hospitalized for a psychiatric emergency related to dangerousness to self or others The intervention in California identifies those people then puts law enforcement officers at the front door to recover the firearms Intuitively it sounds like a good idea but no one knows whether that process is effective in reducing rates in violence We are collaborating with enforcement agencies on a randomized trial that involves almost the entire state This is the same process used throughout medical research to test how effective a given treatment is—only this time the treatment is a firearm policy BERLIN (Reuters) – Turkey barred at least two European lawmakers from entering the country to participate in an election observation mission prompting warnings about the transparency and fairness of presidential and parliamentary elections on Sunday President Tayyip Erdogan is widely expected to win re-election on Sunday after which the presidency will be given sweeping new executive powers Campaigning has already been marred by violence and opposition politicians complain that they are being denied sufficient media coverage The bans for the two lawmakers from Germany and Sweden European countries that are home to large ethnic Turkish communities will fuel concerns among rights activists that voting irregularities will go unchecked Andrej Hunko a lawmaker for Germany’s Left party said he was sitting in an airplane waiting to depart for Turkey when he was informed about the ban The German foreign ministry said it was seeking to have the ban lifted Sweden’s foreign ministry said Jabar Amin a lawmaker from the Greens party had also been refused entry Amin had told Swedish news agency TT that he was arrested on arrival at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport and his passport was confiscated "We have just recently been informed that Jabar Amin has been denied entry into Turkey We have raised the issue with Turkish representatives and demand an explanation" said Gunnar Vrang a spokesman for the Swedish foreign ministry Hunko had been due to participate in an observation mission run by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) an inter-governmental body "The members of the parliamentary assembly of the OSCE play an important role in observing elections and in strengthening democracy and the rule of law" the OSCE said in a statement Erdogan a masterful campaigner who has ruled Turkey for 16 years will go into the elections under a state of emergency which has been in place since shortly after a failed coup in 2016 A sweeping crackdown since the coup attempt has seen some 160000 people detained and nearly the same number dismissed from jobs the United Nations said in March (Reporting by Esha Vaish in Stockholm and Tom Koerkemeier in Berlin; Writing by Thomas Escritt; Editing by Peter Graff) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed” But how would his body react? 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