Recreation Facility Funding for Cape Breton Projects

first_imgFunding for two projects in Cape Breton will support community and physical activity for Nova Scotians. New Waterford Minor Baseball will use $33,000 to upgrade facilities at some baseball fields in the community. Cape Breton Regional Municipality’s Active Transportation group will use $71,000 to add 4.5 km to the Grand Lake Road Multi-Use Trail. “Sport and recreation facilities like the New Waterford baseball fields and recreation multi-use path are important for Nova Scotians to lead healthy lifestyles,” said Tony Ince, Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage. “These investments will help people make physical and community activity a part of their daily lives.” Through the Recreational Facilities Development Program, government will invest more than $1.8 million for 65 new and upgraded facilities around the province. “New Waterford Minor Baseball has experienced a resurgence in our program over the last several years,” said Chris Hillier, board member. “We are investing directly in our youth with this project. The upgrades we are making today will benefit the youth and the community of New Waterford for the next 25 years.” “We are pleased to partner with the province on developing infrastructure for active living and sport,” said CBRM Mayor Cecil Clarke. “We appreciate the province’s contribution to these projects and look forward to continued investment in sport and recreation.” The grants help community groups, municipalities and other not-for-profit organizations develop facilities to increase public participation in sport and physical recreation. Examples include renovations to buildings, developing and maintaining walking trails, and building and upgrading fields for sport and recreation.last_img read more

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Local skateboard shop gifted holy grail of skating

first_imgCity’s old skate park on 94th street. Photo by John Luke kieper.The shipping of the granite cost the company several thousand dollars, but the company cofounder Moses Itkonen explained that spending that money doesn’t matter when its to help grow the sport nationally.Skids of granite Moses Itkonen sent to local skate shops across Canada. Photo by Moses Itkonen’s Instagram.“You have certain amount of marketing dollars in business, so you can either take guys to the golf course or you can ship granite to people. We chose the ladder.” Moses Itkonen stated.RDS was founded in 1996 in North Vancouver by a group of professional skateboarders. According Itkonen, the company’s goal is to spearhead the growth of Canadian skateboarding.Moses Itkonen skating at the Slam City Jam 1995. Photo by Ryan McKeller Photography/Flickr. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Victory Skateboards in Fort St. John was just one of many local skate shops that were gifted the “holy grail” of skating by the company Red Dragons (RDS).RDS donated a total of 60 slabs of granite to shops all over Canada including Fort St. John, and sent the slabs as far as Moncton, New Brunswick.Cole Andrews, owner of Victory Skateboards in Fort St. John, explained that granite is the “holy grail” for boarders to skate on, with nothing else feeling quite like it. Andrews is hoping that with the city’s help they will be able to install the granite into the old skate park on 94th street. The one catch Cole Andrews had with acquiring the granite from RDS was that the slabs needed to be put in a place where the public could use it. Andrews hopes to have the city install the granite into the old skate park for the summer. After the summer he plans to put the granite in his shop for local skaters to use.Cole Andrews in front of his shop Victory Skateboards. Photo by John Luke Kieper“The sickest thing is you have groups of Canadians skating all over the country on the exact same granite.” said Andrews.last_img read more

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Rs 3 lakh cr pvt power investment at risk as discoms delay

first_imgNew Delhi: As much as Rs 3 lakh crore of investment in a dozen power plants of the private sector is at risk of turning into NPA as states buying power have not been making payment for months, official data and sources said. According to data available on the PRAAPTI portal of the Ministry of Power, 12 power generating companies belonging to firms such as GMR and Adani Group and public sector generators like NTPC have about Rs 41,730 crore outstanding from state distribution companies (discoms) as of December 2018. Dues as on date run into an estimated Rs 60,000 crore, half of it being towards independent power producers in power sector. The Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled Uttar Pradesh has the most outstanding dues of Rs 6,497 crore, followed by Maharashtra at Rs 6,179 crore. Other states not paying power generating companies on time include Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab. According to PRAAPTI portal, Uttar Pradesh takes 544 days to clear its dues while Maharashtra takes 580 days. More than 80 per cent of the outstanding is accounted for by India’s most industrialised states such as Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu who are biggest consumers of electricity. The top-10 states take an average of 562 days for payments. Sources said the delay in payment is posing severe working capital issues at the private power plants. Delay in realisation of receivables from the state distribution companies (DISCOMs) weakens the ability of project developers to service debt in a timely manner and leads to exhaustion of working capital in some cases, they said adding delayed payments risk projects being termed non-performing assets (NPAs) under the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) new classification rules. In some cases, the discoms continue to press for renegotiating terms of power purchase agreement (PPA). This coupled with non-payment of penalties/late payment surcharges is causing financial stress for such projects, sources said. Bajaj Group-owned Lalitput Power Generation Company Ltd reportedly is unable to clear salaries of nearly 3,000 staff because of pending dues of over Rs 2,185 crore from discoms of Uttar Pradesh. So acute is the situation that the company is unable to maintain requisite coal stocks. A recent World Bank study reviewing the power sector’s performance points to challenges such as outstanding payments of generating companies pending with discoms. Sources said 37,823 megawatt (MW) capacity in the private sector, which was built at an investment of over Rs 3 lakh crore, is at risk due to delayed payments and run the possibility of being declared NPAs if timely repayment of bank debt is not made. Out of the Rs 41,730 crore outstanding as on December 2018, Adani Group has to get Rs 7,433.47 crore and GMR another Rs 1,788.18 crore. Sembcorp has an outstanding payment of Rs 1,497.07 crore. State-owned NTPC has unpaid bills of Rs 17,187 crore.last_img read more

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AC Milan Did not Keep Adil Taarabt Because of His Drinking

Rabat- Italian former football player Fulvio Collovati said that AC Milan would have signed Adel Taarabt on a permanent basis if the Moroccan international did not like to drink too much.Speaking to Italian television Canale 24, the winner of the 1982 FIFA World Cup said that Taarabt’s drinking habit was the reason behind AC Milan’s decision not to extend his stay at the Rossoneri side.“I take full responsibility for what I say,” he added. Taarabt signed for Milan on 30 January 2014 on loan until the end of the season.In the 2014 summer season, he returned to Queens Park Rangers only to create more controversy. QPR manager Harry Redknapp called him ‘overweight’ and not fit to play football. Taarabt responded that the manager was making excuses because the team was losing.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed. read more

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Most ISIS Members Killed in Combat Are Moroccans and Tunisians

Rabat – Among the many Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) combatants who have died in Iraq and Syria, Moroccan and Tunisian citizens have been killed more than any other nationality, according to Akhbar al Youm.Abu Jaled al Yazraui, a director of ISIS, confirmed that these nationalities are the leaders in body count, followed by Chechens and Russians.The source adds that about 100 Moroccan soldiers have been killed in combat in Iraq and Syria. A large number of Moroccans were killed during ISIS’s battle against the Kurds in the Syrian city of Kobane. Many deaths have been suicides or occurred at the hands of the Iraqi army, rival militias, and the coalition headed by the United States. Jaled Chakraui, a Moroccan specialist in jihadi groups, told the newspaper that Maghreb fighters that have not taken leadership roles in the organization plan to move up the ISIS ladder and compensate for their “ideological weakness with savagery in battle.”Chakraui added that ethnic rivalries have a substantial amount of weight in the organization, and that competition to gain notoriety in the group is intense.According to recent statistics, more than 1,300 Moroccans are fighting in the ranks of terrorist groups in areas of tension such as Syria, where 246 have been killed, and Iraq, where another 40 have been killed. read more

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Alaska businesses remain closed 4 months after earthquake

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An Alaska earthquake four months ago is still causing disruptions for businesses whose buildings were damaged.The Anchorage Daily News reported Sunday that companies and organizations in Anchorage remain shuttered or temporarily relocated following a Nov. 30 earthquake in southcentral Alaska.The newspaper reports that the 7.1-magnitude quake caused structural damage to numerous buildings that have slowed or interrupted operations for varying lengths of time.City officials say that as of March 26, 10 commercial properties in Anchorage still carried red tags marking them as unsafe to occupy, while about 60 more commercial properties have yellow tags meaning their occupancy and use are restricted.The newspaper reports that affected businesses and organizations include the Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Salvation Army, television station KTVA, and the Westmark Hotel.___Information from: Anchorage Daily News, http://www.adn.comThe Associated Press read more

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Finance Ministry documents account for only Rs 1 trillion received

President Maithripala Sirisena said of the out of Rs 10 trillion loans taken, only about Rs 1 trillion could be properly accounted for in the assets as per documents at the Finance Ministry. He made this revelation at a media briefing with newspaper editors and heads of media institutions at the Presidents House in Colombo today.Furthermore, a large sum of funds that should have been deposited with the treasury have gone to private companies and institutions and that has been done in a systematic manner to avoid disclosure, he said. He said that there were sale of state owned institutions and state properties during the last three years of the current Government, and some of these deals were done without even informing the cabinet of ministers. President Sirisena, stating that the Government is fully committed to hold a free and fair election and assured fullest support to the Election Commission in this endeavour. (Colombo Gazette) The President also referred to the cost of living and mentioned that some imported items worth Rs 500 were sold for exorbitant prices such as Rs 1,500. He said that there were some political hands interfering in price fixing and expressed concern about the delays on the part of the Consumer authority to check such trade practices. He said that he would take every possible step to find early solutions to these issues. He said they had met the day before when Parliament decided to hold the debate after the election.President Sirisena said after receiving the bond commission report by him, the opposition had continuously urged to hold a debate on it and to make it a public document immediately. “By then I had not read the full report. Within three days time, I went through it and made a statement with regard to it after consulting senior legal experts and senior public servants including Presidential Secretary Austin Fernando. Then, the bond commission and PRECIFAC reports were presented in Parliament,”He said, however, surprisingly these parties were silent after presenting these two reports to the Parliament and they had decided to hold the debate after the Local Government election. The President said that an unholy alliance of elite robbers both in the Government and the opposition had managed to delay the debate on the Central Bank bond commission report and the report of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into serious acts of Fraud, Corruption and Abuse of Power (PRECIFAC). He challenged them to hold the debate on the bond commission and PRECIFAC report before February 10, prior to the Local Government elections.President Sirisena said a coalition of VIP ‘robbers’ involved in the bond scam attached to the Government and the opposition had gathered at a house in Borella and decided to delay the debate on both reports. “I left the ministerial post in the last Government and became the common candidate with the promise of ending frauds, bribery and corruption and I will continue my crusade against corruption and malpractices without giving any consideration to the political party or status of the persons involved in such deals,” he said. He added that many individuals in the Government and the opposition were angry about the steps he has taken in that direction, but vowed that he would continue the fight against corruption. read more

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New VP Research aiming to build Brocks momentum

It was Brock’s reputation as an ambitious university striving to reach its next level of research excellence that drew Tim Kenyon’s interest.And now, as the new Vice-President, Research, Kenyon has confirmed what his instincts previously told him: that Brock is “an institution poised to do great things.”“Brock has been committed to increased research intensity and declared itself as a comprehensive university some years ago,” he said the week following his Jan. 1 appointment. “It has been making real strides to make that a reality.”Kenyon joined Brock from the academic ranks at the University of Waterloo, where he most recently served as a Philosophy professor and the Associate Dean of Arts (Research).In his new role, Kenyon is looking forward to being a part of Brock’s continued upward trajectory, providing support to colleagues and helping to ensure their dynamic, comprehensive research is being properly celebrated.“There are researchers, professors and graduate students, among others, doing scholarship and research at Brock that really is excellent,” he said. “That work is making a huge difference within academic disciplines; it’s also having extraordinary impact beyond the academic sphere.”Recognition of those contributions is critical because it provides colleagues a “shared understanding of what a big difference they’re making in the world,” Kenyon said. “That keeps everyone’s spirits elevated and keeps them focused on the value of their work.”At the same time, this recognition also plays a pivotal role in showcasing to stakeholders, funders, government agencies and community members the significance and strength of the research underway at the University, he said.“It helps them commit to supporting and sustaining research.“We want to make sure that the world, the country, the province, and the region know about the great research that’s happening at Brock.”Kenyon said the University was “extraordinarily well served” by his predecessor, Joffre Mercier, who led the University’s research administration on an interim basis for 16 months before a permanent replacement was found. Mercier previously held the Associate Vice-President, Research role prior to taking on the interim position.“He did a great job, and without the support of an Associate Vice-President, Research — that’s incredibly difficult,” Kenyon said.With the reins now passed on and work underway to create a sense of continuity in the University’s research realm, Kenyon is looking forward to being part of a “more strategic environmental scan that says where we are now, where we want to be and what it’s going to take to get there,” he said.“That’s something the University as a whole has to decide.”In addition to his administration work at Brock, Kenyon intends to continue his own research at the University. A philosopher of language who has written a widely-used critical thinking textbook, Kenyon’s current research takes language pragmatics, and insights from cognitive and social psychology, and applies them to problems in social epistemology and in critical thinking pedagogy.He believes having experience both as a researcher and in research administration is a big part of providing successful leadership.“If you have never been a researcher, you’ve never been faced with questions like: How do I apply for grants? How do I collaborate with and mentor colleagues? How do I support graduate students? How do I balance the research, teaching and service components of my career?” he said. “Without that experience, it would be too easy to miss the heart of the university research experience.”Splitting his PhD studies in Philosophy between the University of St. Andrews and Western University, Kenyon received his degree in 1998, and began his career first at Aberdeen University, and then at the University of Waterloo in 2000 as an assistant professor. By 2006, he had begun a six-year run as Chair of the Philosophy Department. His achievements include the University of Waterloo Distinguished Teacher Award, and he is a three-time recipient of the University of Waterloo Outstanding Performance Award. Kenyon was also selected by his peers to serve as President of the Canadian Philosophy Association. read more

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Def Leppard rerecords own music to spite record company

first_imgIt’s a little known fact, but there are compulsory licenses for music that protect cover songs. If you want to record your own version of a popular song, you don’t need to ask for permission. This quirk of copyright law is being taken advantage of by English rock group Def Leppard. After a fairly substantial falling out with its label, the band has decided to simply do covers of all its old tracks to sell directly without the label’s involvement.Band frontman Joe Elliott describes the new tracks, with perhaps a devilish smirk, as “forgeries.” He explains that the band was unable to come to an agreement with Universal Music on digital download royalties, which the band members feel they should be getting a larger cut of. The contract Universal currently has with the band gives the label complete rights over what happens with the current master recordings, so Def Leppard is just doing it over.Recordings of the iconic Pour Some Sugar on Me and Rock of Ages have been completed, and are available for download. The band continues to work through its back catalog, but Elliott says the massive improvement in recording technology in the last 25 years is saving time.Def Leppard is one of the few classic big-name acts missing from digital music storefronts. None of the band’s full studio albums are available for download because of the dispute with the record label. The first 2012 re-recording is going for $3.99 and includes the aforementioned tracks, as well as a video for Pour Some Sugar on Me.Copyright law is a strange thing.Billboard via The Vergelast_img read more

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What Google Glass HDR images look like

first_imgIt’s not every day that a camera gets an upgrade that enables features as significant as HDR, but that’s exactly what happened with the XE6 update for Google Glass. If you don’t have Glass to try out for yourself, here’s what high dynamic range (HDR) images look like when taken with Google’s headset.There are two main things you need to know about XE6. First, the new camera software for Glass does a much better job with catching realistic colors and being able to handle bright lights. Second, the HDR captures do exactly what they are supposed to do, capturing multiple exposures and stitching them together into a better photo. The gallery above will give you some examples of just how nice Glass’ HDR shots are.Given the current state of smartphone cameras and today’s point-and-shoots, there’s very little expectation that Glass is going to swoop in and be all things to all people when it comes to on-the-go photography. Basically, the headset’s 5MP sensor isn’t going to compete with the HTC One or the Galaxy S4 anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get great photos out of it. The whole point of Glass’s camera is to capture images and video in situations where reaching for your phone would either take to long or be unrealistic to accomplish safely. The point-of-view, hands-free nature of Glass is what is making the difference here, not necessarily the tech, but the software will makes a notable difference.This also means that photos taken through Glass will offer greater flexibility when editing. Whether you’re using Snapseed on your tablet or Lightroom on your desktop, HDR Glass photos will give photography enthusiasts a better base image to play with. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Honeysuckle HDRHoneysuckle HDRGiant mirror HDRMotorcycle HDRUp a tree HDRDinosaurs HDRBalancing child through Glass HDRTrain tracks HDRGlass HDR skyWood Grain through Glasslast_img read more

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Who owns Rockall The history of the Atlantic dispute between Ireland and

first_img By Rónán Duffy Apr 17th 2017, 9:00 PM Short URL Who owns Rockall? The history of the Atlantic dispute between Ireland and the UK The uninhabited island has been the source of a long-running dispute. As the clock ticks down, get all the best Brexit news and analysis in your inbox: Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article As from the date of the passing of this Act, the Island of Rockall (of which possession was formally taken in the name of Her Majesty on 18 September 1955 in pursuance of a Royal Warrant dated 14 September 1955 addressed to the Captain of Her Majesty’s Ship Vidal) shall be incorporated into that part of the United Kingdom known as Scotland and shall form part of the District of Harris in the County of Inverness, and the law of Scotland shall apply accordingly. center_img Monday 17 Apr 2017, 9:00 PM Share Tweet Email6 The view from Malin Head in Donegal. Source: Flickr/anareyGIBRALTAR AND ITS eponymous Rock recently became the unlikely front in what’s likely to be a tortuous Brexit battle.The EU’s mention of the British Overseas Territory in its Brexit charter sent hawkish UK politicians into a furore that led to talk of war with Spain on newspaper front pages.While such talk is blatantly ridiculous, it does demonstrate how Brexit has ripped up the rulebook of national sovereignty in some disputed areas.The Irish border is one prominent area but another is Rockall, another rock with a colourful history of claim and counterclaim involving the UK.While the long-running dispute appeared to have calmed in recent years, there are fears that the UK’s exit from the Common Fisheries Policy could spark a fresh row over fishing rights.Fianna Fail TD Éamon Ó Cuiv has, for example, warned that the UK could “pull up the drawbridge” and stop Irish fishermen fishing near Rockall.But what is the story with the fabled Atlantic outcrop?Where is it? Rockall and the surrounding countries which have claimed it. Source: Wikimedia CommonsRockall is situated in a remote part of the North Atlantic and is about 160 nautical miles west of the Scottish islands of St. Kilda and 230 nautical miles to the north-west of Donegal.The uninhabited rock is 25m wide and 17m high and is actually the remnants of an extinct volcano.The tiny islet has been the source of an ownership dispute involving the UK, Ireland, Denmark and Iceland. The plateau on which it sits has caused the decades worth of tension.The dispute is not so much about the ownership of the rock but the potential for oil and gas reserves in the surrounding seabeds.So do we know who owns it? The Irish Naval Service vessel, LÉ Róisín, on routine patrol at Rockall. Source: Flickr/IrishDefenceForcesIrish folklore has long spoken about Rockall, with one myth describing how it was taken from Ireland by Fionn MacCumhaill.In reality, the dispute was ramped up in 1955 when two British Royal Marines landed on Rockall and hoisted the British flag in an attempt to annex it. They also cemented a plaque to the side of the rock.The order to land on Rockall was signed by the Queen Elizabeth II but the UK’s efforts on that occasion were not successful as the other nations continued their claims.Conferences in Dublin, London, Copenhagen and Reykjavik all sought to end the dispute but they were not successful.The dispute was at its height in the 1960s and 1970s when it became a legal and political issue in both Ireland and the UK.In 1972, the UK sought to formally take ownership of Rockall by passing the Island of Rockall Act. It claimed Rockall as part of Scotland, specifically part of Inverness.Ireland did not recognise the British claim, which read: 62 Comments The southern face of Rockall. Source: WikimediaDespite not recognising the UK’s sovereignty over Rockall, Ireland has not sought to annex the island either.The position of successive Irish governments was laid out by Foreign Affairs Minister Charlie Flanagan in a Dail debate last year.“While Ireland has not recognised British sovereignty over Rockall, it has never sought to claim sovereignty for itself,” Flanagan told Donegal TD Thomas Pringle.The consistent position of successive Irish governments has been that Rockall and similar rocks and skerries have no significance for establishing legal claims to mineral rights in the adjacent seabed or to fishing rights in the surrounding seas.In essence, Ireland’s main concern was about ensuring that ownership of Rockall did not translate to rights to rights to nearby resources.In that sense, the UN’s Convention on the Law of the Sea from 1982 helped Ireland’s case.It stated that: “Rocks which cannot sustain human habitation or economic life of their own shall have no exclusive economic zone or continental shelf.”In any event, Ireland and the UK agreed in 1988 about the delimitation of areas of the continental shelf between the two countries, stretching out up to 500 nautical miles from their respective coastlines.Rockall lies outside of the zone claimed by Ireland.So that’s the end of it right? No, it’s not. Even though Ireland and the UK came to an agreement over their continental shelf boundary, Iceland and Denmark did not accept the agreement.It’s meant that the four nations were to submit their claims to UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf. Ireland, the UK and Denmark have done so but Iceland has not.The UN cannot consider the case until Iceland submits its position.Aside from that there’s one other issue that could potentially complicate matters.As the UN’s rules explicitly apply to “rocks which cannot sustain human habitation”, there have been attempts to prove that Rockall is in fact an island and does not fall into that category. Source: STV News/YouTubeBack in 1985, former British SAS soldier Tom McClean spent 40 days on Rockall in an attempt to validate it as an island and make it a British territory.Others have broken that record. Greenpeace activists protesting against exploration spent 42 days on Rockall in 1997 and three years ago in 2014 British explorer Nick Hancock occupied the rock for 45 days.For the moment though, the status of the Rockall remains that the UK claims is at part of its territory. While Ireland does not accept this claim, neither does it argue that Rockall is Irish.Not that The Wolfe Tones would agree. Source: skibbereen18/YouTubeRead: The Irish Air Corps just perfectly captured the beauty of the Skellig Islands >Read: These remote Irish spots are about to make it to Google Street View > 73,100 Views last_img read more

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Thaïlande le temple du Tigre controversé

first_imgThaïlande : le temple du Tigre controverséL’ONG Care for the Wild International (CWI) dénonce la façon dont sont traités les tigres qui vivent en captivité dans un temple thaïlandais. Censés être liés spirituellement aux bonzes, ils seraient en réalité exploités et maltraités.Courrier International rapporte un dossier paru dans le South China Morning Post concernant le sort des tigres d’un temple thaïlandais. L’ONG Care for the Wild International a publié un rapport qui indique que les bêtes subissent “de graves sévices destinés à les rendre plus dociles, afin qu’ils puissent faire leur numéro devant les visiteurs”. Ces touristes payent 500 baths (12 euros) pour accéder au temple et avoir le droit de se promener avec des tigres tenus en laisse par des bonzes et de les caresser. Mais tout n’est pas aussi idyllique qu’il y paraît.Les félins seraient battus à coups de pied, de poing, de fouet et de bâtons ou subiraient des jets de pierres. Les bénévoles européens qui travaillent dans le temple témoignent : “Les brutalités sont quotidiennes. Il y a un an, les violences étaient moins flagrantes. Maintenant, ils ne se gênent plus devant les touristes”. Certains tigres, enchaînés au sol, ne tiennent pas sur leurs pattes. Il est manifeste qu’ils ont été drogués même si dans le temple on cherche à faire croire qu’ils s’apprêtent à faire la sieste, indique le rapport.De plus, l’argent donné par les visiteurs pour avoir droit à leur photo spéciale avec les tigres et qui est normalement destiné à soigner les animaux est détourné. Il sert à de toutes autres choses alors que les tigres vivent à 27 dans 18 cages de trois mètres sur six. Ils n’en sortent jamais et les cages actuellement en cours de construction seront encore plus petites. La surpopulation endémique rend les conditions de vie des félins de plus en plus préoccupantes mais les bébés tigres sont une manne financière considérable. Les touristes caressent les bébés et jouent avec eux le tout pendant une séance de quatre heures payée 5.000 baths (125 euros).À lire aussiLe chat de Pallas, un félin sauvage aussi irrésistible que méconnuDernier point, CWI accuse le temple de procéder au trafic (illégal) de tigres. Un mâle de 10 ans aurait disparu en 2008 et, pressé de répondre, le bonze en charge du temple répond qu’il est mort. Or, une bénévole présente au moment des faits s’est entendu dire : “On l’a chargé dans un camion et il est parti. On l’a envoyé dans un élevage de tigres au Laos”. La chose est parfaitement illégale et ce tigre ne serait pas le seul exemple de trafic entre le temple et un élevage laotien.Mais les autorités thaïlandaises ferment les yeux et les touristes affluent. Certaines agences de voyage britanniques proposent même de “rencontrer face à face des tigres vivant en harmonie avec les moines” pour 110 livres (130 euros).Le 25 décembre 2010 à 12:39 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Des astronomes à la recherche de vie extraterrestre sur 86 planètes

first_imgDes astronomes à la recherche de vie extraterrestre sur 86 planètesInstallé dans l’Etat de Virginie occidentale aux Etats-Unis, un puissant radiotélescope a entamé un programme pour essayer de trouver des signes de vie extraterrestre sur 86 planètes ressemblant à la Terre.La semaine dernière, un télescope américain très puissant a commencé à observer et à collecter des données en continu sur 86 planètes, qui ont des caractéristiques communes avec notre Terre. Celles-ci ont été sélectionnées dans une liste établie par la mission Kepler de la Nasa, indique l’AFP. En février dernier, elle avait détecté 1.235 exoplanètes potentiellement habitables. “Nous avons choisi des planètes avec de bonnes températures, entre zéro et 100 degrés car elles sont beaucoup plus susceptibles d’accueillir la vie”, a détaillé à l’AFP le physicien Dan Werthimer, chercheur de longue date au SETI.Andrew Siemion, étudiant à l’université de Californie à Berkeley, a expliqué à l’agence de presse qu’il n’était pas certain que “que tous ces systèmes planétaires soient habitables, mais ce sont de très bons endroits pour chercher E.T.”.Cette nouvelle mission fait partie du projet SETI (recherche d’intelligence extraterrestre) lancé au milieu des années 1980. Le projet devrait durer un an et bénéficier de l’aide d’un million d’astronomes amateurs. Ces derniers auront la possibilité de traiter des données sur leurs ordinateurs personnels.Le 18 mai 2011 à 11:26 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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OnSwipe Tabletizes Marie Claire Slate Ziff Davis

first_imgFor the rest of the story, visit minonline. This story appears in full at Folio: sister site minonline.Have you seen your site on an iPad lately? More than a year into the tablet phenom, many publishers still struggle to make their standard Web sites work well across the desktop and touch screen interfaces. A hot start-up in New York OnSwipe is making a business of tablet-izing a site’s content so that it feels and acts more like an app within the device’s browser. The company has already launched tablet-compatible sites for,, Ziff-Davis’s, and Content from the standard Web sites is turned into a series of larger tappable thumbnails with site index. At, for instance, eight categories occupy a top-line menu in landscape mode and a left-hand navigation column in portrait mode. Tapping on a category produces a pleasant effect in which the title of the category fades and zooms in before presenting the thumbnails for that area. Tapping into a story has it zoom in to fill the screen and allows for lateral scrolling across pages. The look and feel is similar to the Flipboard iPad app and the way it integrates content from its featured magazine partners. A small tab on the upper left of the page gives the user direct return to the cover page and index. Tablet users who navigate to the standard URL with their browser are prompted to turn the bookmark into an app-like icon for their Home page to use as a shortcut.last_img read more

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Yuvraj Singh may soon announce retirement from international cricket

first_imgYuvraj Singh is contemplating retirement, as per a reportA report has surfaced in the media suggesting that Indian cricket star Yuvraj Singh may soon announce his retirement from international cricket and become a freelancer participating in T20 leagues around the world.The report, published by PTI, says that the veteran all-rounder is in talks with the Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) and seeks their permission to play in foreign T20 leagues. Hitherto, the BCCI hasn’t allowed Indian male cricketers to participate in any T20 league apart from its own Indian Premier League (IPL).This report cites an unnamed source within BCCI divulging this information. “Yuvraj is thinking of calling it quits from international and first-class cricket. He would like to speak to the BCCI and get more clarity on plying his trade in tournaments like GT20 (Canada), Euro T20 Slam in Ireland and Holland as he has offers,” the anonymous board member stated.Lack of opportunitiesYuvraj was last part of the Indian team in 2017 when his form declined and he was left out. Later, due to not being able to clear the ‘yo-yo’ test, he wasn’t considered for selection in the national team. During the latest season of Indian Premier League (IPL), the man-of-the-tournament from the 2011 World Cup was part of the Mumbai Indians side but was dropped from the playing XI after just four matches and warmed the bench for the rest of the season. Irfan Pathan has put his name in the draft for CPLIANSInterestingly, the BCCI is dealing with another similar issue in the case of Irfan Pathan. Surprisingly, the all-rounder from Baroda who is also a commentator now, put his name for the draft of the latest season of Caribbean Premier League (CPL) without seeking prior permission. It remains to be seen how BCCI would react to Pathan’s move since he is still playing cricket at the first-class level in India.An official within the BCCI commented on this issue as well and compared the cases of both these cricketers. “Irfan was told to withdraw his name from the draft. As far as Yuvraj is concerned, we need to check the rules. Even if he retires from first class cricket, he will still be an active T20 player registered under BCCI. The rule needs to be checked,” the person explained.Only time will tell what happens in future with these two players but it could be the beginning of the end of the embargo put on Indian players from playing in foreign leagues.last_img read more

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Violence mars end of Hong Kong protest against China extradition

first_imgProtesters march during a demonstration to protest against a controversial extradition law proposed by Hong Kong`s pro-Beijing government to ease extraditions to China, in Los Angeles on 9 June 2019. Photo: AFPA huge peaceful protest in Hong Kong against controversial plans to allow extraditions to the Chinese mainland descended into violence early Monday as police fought running battles with small pockets of demonstrators.Organisers said more than a million people took part in the Sunday march — the largest protest since Hong Kong’s 1997 handover to China — confronting the city’s pro-Beijing leadership with a major political crisis.The city government is pushing a bill through the legislature that would allow extraditions to any jurisdiction with which it does not already have a treaty — including mainland China.The proposals have sparked an outcry and birthed an opposition that unites a wide cross-section of the city.Sunday saw huge crowds march in blazing summer heat through the cramped streets of the financial hub’s main island in a noisy, colourful demonstration calling on the government to scrap its planned extradition law.The march passed without incident.But shortly after midnight violence flared as police moved to clear small groups of protesters who had vowed to stay overnight outside parliament.Demonstrators hurled bottles built barricades as police moved in moments after the protest permit expired.Officers used pepper spray hoses to push the crowds back, who shouted “We have a right to protest!”Skirmishes continued overnight as protesters and police played cat and mouse in the nearby streets.The scenes were reminiscent of 2014, when police used tear gas against pro-democracy demonstrators, setting off two months of demonstrations that took over key intersections of the international finance hub.Record rallyJust hours earlier protesters had been celebrating the huge turnout, hoping it would prompt the government into rethinking the law.”The government cannot ignore these numbers,” protester Peter Chan, 21, told AFP. “If they really choose not to response to our demands we will not rule out more action.”For more than six hours on Sunday dense crowds snaked their way through the city chanting “Scrap the evil law!” and “Oppose China extradition!”Police, who historically give much lower figures than organisers, put the peak crowd size at 240,000 — still their second highest estimate for attendance at a protest since handover.The city’s population is around 7.3 million and the organiser figure for Sunday’s protest outstripped 2003, when an estimated half a million demonstrators forced the government to shelve a deeply unpopular national security law.Will crowds sway leaders?But it is unclear if the financial hub’s current leadership will be moved. The city’s appointed leader Carrie Lam has staked her political reputation on the bill.Ignoring the protests could fuel public anger or prompt more widespread clashes, with organisers saying they would “upgrade their actions” if the government did not drop the bill.But backtracking by Lam might embolden opponents and anger Beijing. Several senior Communist Party leaders in China have voiced support for the bill.In a statement late Sunday the government showed no sign of compromise, urging legislators to proceed with the bill’s second reading on Wednesday.Opposition to extradition has come from a wide political and social spectrum.Lawyers, business groups, activists, journalists and western powers have all voiced alarm.Hong Kong’s leaders say the law is needed to plug loopholes and stop the city being a bolthole for mainland fugitives.They say dissidents and critics will not be extradited and have urged the bill’s quick passage to extradite a Hong Kong man who is wanted in Taiwan for murdering his girlfriend.But critics fear the law would entangle people in China’s opaque and politicised court system, and say the government is using the Taiwan case as a Trojan Horse.Fading trustIn recent weeks Lam’s administration has made some key concessions.They have removed nine economic crimes from a list of extraditable offences and said that only offences that carry seven years or more in jail will be considered, up from three. Requests will only be considered from China’s top prosecuting authority.Those steps have received a cautious welcome from some business groups, but others have seized on the concessions as a tacit admission that China’s courts are not impartial.Many protesters on Sunday said they no longer trust the Hong Kong government to stick to promises that critics would never be sent to the mainland.Suspicion of China was worsened by a series of high profile disappearances of people who later appeared in mainland detention, including a group of dissident publishers and a billionaire who disappeared from a top hotel.Protester Leo Yuen, who said he worked in the arts sector, described the disappearances as “horrifying.””You can forsee how easily this would happen again if the bill is passed,” he told AFP.last_img
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Racist Tropes on Ramadan TV Anger Black Arabs

first_imgBy The Associated PressDUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — In an attempt to capitalize on what’s become a ratings bonanza for Arabic satellite channels during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, two comedies struck the wrong chord with audiences when their lead actors appeared in blackface, a form of makeup that darkens the skin to represent a caricature of a Black person.Criticism was swift on social media, but failed to trigger a deeper discussion on racism in the Middle East.This June 22, 2018 photo, comedian Amy Ghanem wears a wig with braids on an Egyptian show called “Azmi We Ashgan,” which aired on the privately owned Al-Nahar channel, is seen on a laptop. (AP Photo)The shows — one produced in Egypt and the other in Kuwait — also poked fun at Sudanese culture, making a mockery of the Sudanese Arabic dialect and portraying darker skinned people from Sudan as either poor or lazy.In the Egyptian show called “Azmi We Ashgan,” which aired on the privately owned Al-Nahar channel, comedian Samir Ghanem and his daughter Amy Ghanem appear in blackface, wearing wigs with Rastafarian-looking braids.Amy’s character is a half-Sudanese, half-Malawian housemaid who works for a rich, older Egyptian man who makes unwanted sexual advances toward her. Her father onscreen, played by her real-life father, arrives at the house in hopes he too can live there.Her boss responds in anger, saying: “Did I get this house for fun or did I buy it to set free some slaves?”In another sketch aired on state-run Kuwait TV, an ensemble of Kuwaiti actors appear in blackface, wearing traditional Sudanese turbans and jalabeyas, the long garment worn by men in Upper Egypt and Sudan.In the show, called “Block Ghashmara,” Kuwaiti actor Dawood Hussein’s character lounges around on a daybed and constantly falls asleep. He repeatedly says “ayy” in a horse-like pitch, exaggerating the Sudanese dialect.The backlash from Sudanese viewers was swift, prompting Hussein to issue an apology for what he said was a “misunderstanding with our brothers, loved ones and family in Sudan.”“I have the bravery to apologize if this offended people and I don’t want anyone offended by me,” he said. In a nod to Sudan’s often overlooked contribution to Arab Gulf countries, he also noted that he was proud to have been taught by Sudanese teachers in Kuwaiti schools.Khalid Albaih, a Sudanese political cartoonist living in Denmark who spoke out online against the skits, said it surprised him that so many actors, writers and producers on both shows didn’t stop to question the offensive nature of the scenes before they aired.“They need to figure out a better way to represent Black people,” he told the AP. “It is laziness and a lack of talent that gets an actor to do that.”When a viewer similarly criticized the Egyptian show “Azmi We Ashgan” on Twitter for relying on old racist tropes for laughs, writer Ahmed Mohy responded that the show did not mean to insult anyone, but he also defended the show’s take on humor.“There’s no difference between someone who is Black or White. It’s normal to also show a White person as a janitor or waiter, just as we can show a Black person working in any job,” he wrote on Twitter.Despite criticism on social media, the exchanges failed to produce a bigger society-wide discussion, analyst Hana Al-Kharmi wrote in an opinion piece for Al-Jazeera.“There is almost no public debate about it within the wider Arab society. On the contrary, there isa popular outright denial that racist attitudes against Black people exist,” she wrote.After seeing the Kuwaiti show online, Sara Elhassan, a 33-year-old Sudanese-American writer based in Phoenix uploaded videos on Instagram criticizing the show and its depiction of Sudanese people.“Everybody knows there is a discrimination issue in the Middle East when it comes to Black people or darker skinned people,” she told The Associated Press in a phone interview, “but people are still in denial a little bit about it.”“We like to say: ‘Oh we are all Muslim. We can’t be racist,’” she added.Beginning around the 1940s, Egyptian movies were not too unlike Hollywood films in that Black actors were often cast as servants and doormen. Darker-skinned women were often cast as housemaids and prostitutes.Since then, attitudes in the U.S. have shifted. As the Ramadan shows were airing, a major television network in the U.S. was quick to cancel the popular reboot of “Roseanne” after its star, Roseanne Barr, posted a racist tweet that referred to a former adviser to Barack Obama as a product of the Muslim Brotherhood and “Planet of the Apes.”ABC announced Thursday it will air a spinoff of the show without its star this fall, rebranding it as “The Conners.”Film critic and curator Joseph Fahim said part of the problem in tackling racism in Arab media is that there’s a general lack of understanding among audiences in the region as to why these skits are offensive.“There isn’t a culture of sensitivity,” Fahim said. “It’s not there. It’s not as if this has been thought through. It wasn’t even thought out. This is how it’s been done over decades, and people think that it’s OK.”___Follow Aya Batrawy on Twitter at and Fay Abuelgasim at read more

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Buy This Comic Black Bolt 1

first_img Today is Wednesday, better known as New Comic Book Day, the best day of the week. A lot of great comics came out today, but this column is meant to focus on the best of the best, the must have books that should be in everyone’s stack for the week. This week, that comic is Black Bolt #1 from writer Saladin Ahmed, artist Christian Ward, and Marvel Comics.Black Bolt #1(W) Saladin Ahmed (A) Christian WardBlack Bolt imprisoned! But by who? And where exactly? The answers to both will shock you! But to learn those answers, Black Bolt must first win a fight to the death with a fellow inmate — The Absorbing Man! Award-winning science fiction writer Saladin Ahmed (Throne of the Crescent Moon) crafts a story as trippy as it is action-packed, with truly mind-bending art from the one and only Christian Ward!via Marvel ComicsBlack Bolt #1 feels like something really, really special, for a lot of reasons. This is the first issue in the first solo series for the character, despite him first appeared in Fantastic Four #45, which came out in December of 1965. This is also the first comic book series by writer Saladin Ahmed, who up until now has been known primarily as a writer of poetry, as well as fantasy and science fiction novels. Marvel has been bringing in a lot of non-comics writers, especially when launching new series, such as Ta-Nehisi Coates on Black Panther, Roxane Gay on World of Wakanda, or Gabby Rivera on the new America series. I am all about this approach, especially when it gives us fresh, diverse creative voices that haven’t been steeped in comics culture. Saladin Ahmed’s a known fan of the comics though, and every page of Black Bolt #1 oozes with a love and affection that I don’t see often from traditional seasoned comic writers. This hardly even feels like a Marvel book, coming across more as a new Image series. It just has a swagger about it, which is really reassuring from a first issue, and especially from a writer new to the medium.Artist Christian Ward is one of the most unique in comics, having an art style that feels both fluid and epic, making him perfect for the Kirby-influenced sci-fi antics of this series. Taking place in a cosmic jail, complete with giant celestials and stunning designs, Ward manages to keep the focus on our hero(?) as he makes his way through grandiose set pieces that you could easily get distracted by. I can’t say enough how gorgeous this book is. While Ward is known more for his big, cosmic visuals, the real stand outs in this issue are the pages that he gets to hone in a character or two, especially the prison fight with the Absorbing Man. The fight just flows so well across the page, even as onlookers commentate, feeling like a fight scene from a Bruce Lee movie. Ward’s panel transitions deserve their own shout-out as well, especially a particularly intense scene in which Black Bolt tries to save another prisoner from a torture pod. A trippy sci-fi story set in the Alcatraz of space, this first issue sets up a lot, especially for our hero.via Marvel ComicsBlackagar Boltagon is a character that cannot speak and is essentially mute due to the dangerous power his voice contains. It feels almost like a necessity to have a solo series for the character in the months leading up to the new Inhumans TV show set to premiere on ABC this fall, and I am just so thankful that it is as good as this first issue turned out to be. The character is a king, a husband, and I am beyond excited for the next issue of this book, and the direction that Ahmed and Ward are taking the character. Black Bolt #1 is the first issue in a new series and is available today in print and online at Comixology.5/3/17 Releases – In addition to Black Bolt #6, here is a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should also be reading, if you are not already.Batman #22 by writer Joshua Williamson, artist Jason Fabok, and DC Comics. The third chapter in  THE BUTTON event! Plenty here for fans of Flashpoint and people looking for answers to the Rebirth mystery!Youngblood #1 by writer Chad Bowers, artist Jim Towe, and Image Comics. The first issue in a new Youngblood series by an amazing creative team.All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1 by Marvel Comics, writer Gerry Duggan, artist Aaron Kuder, and colorist Ive Svorcina. The first issue in a new series meant to coincide with the release of the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie, complete with all of the BABY GROOT you could ask for! Buy This Comic: DEATH ORB #1Buy This Comic: MAN-EATERS #1 Stay on targetlast_img read more

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Guilty pleasure par excellence

first_imgGabriel Allon, an Israeli super spy, has been called in to investigate the kidnapping of Madeline Hart, a young, ambitious woman in Britain’s ruling government, from a vacation in Corsica.Hart also has another secret. She’s also the mistress of the British Prime Minister, John Lancaster, standing for a second term in office. On the eve of the election, a scandal of this nature cannot reveal itself to the public eye. The ransom is ten million Euros and kidnappers demand that Gabriel Allon deliver it. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Gabriel Allon’s foray into British affairs has been rather feebly built up, like a rather poor James Bond film. His expertise requested for by his superiors in the Mossad as a favour to the British and Allon obliges. We are then transported into the world of an Israeli super spy, where we are taken through a roller coaster ride through England France, Corsica and Russia.Teaming up with an old adversary, Christian Keller, who was once hired to kill Allon, they get onto this journey to save Hart. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixIt is a rather unusual alliance, but Allon respects Keller’s expertise. Allon also draws from his sources from all echelons of society, with sometimes an entire village or a large bunch of individuals required for executing his plans. Searching for Hart takes up only half the novel, with other circumstances regarding her disappearance coming into play. These circumstances play an indelible part in maintaining the riveting path the plot take once it arrives mid-way. What happens here is something that should be left to the reader. The only hint left to the reader is that, what follows from here on out, is just as intriguing as what preceded it.last_img read more

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Update 7yearold the only survivor of horror house fire

first_imgA seven-year-old girl is the only survivor of a deadly house fire that broke out in a complex in Mimosa Road late last night (Wednesday).The tragic event has sent shock waves through the community.Questions are being asked as to what exactly happened, and concerned neighbours are still coming to terms with the fact that three lives have been lost.It is believed that the sleeping family members were awoken by an explosion. Not knowing where to go or what to do, they sought sanctuary in the bathroom with the family dog.Fierce leaping flames engulfed the lounge area and thick black smoke filled the house.The trapped family shouted for help before pressing the panic button linked to a security company.Emergency services were notified and responded to the scene.The father and one child were declared dead at the scene, with the mother and a seven-year-old child being pulled from the flames. The mother later died in hospital.The family dog stood near the bodies and barked as mortuary personnel went about their duties.It is believed that the deceased weren’t burnt to death, but rather died as a result of smoke inhalation. The family had been supporters of Hamilton Preparatory School. “As a family school, we are devastated by what has happened. Our thoughts and prayers are with the surviving child and bereaved family. Both girls were learners at Hamilton, in Grade 1 and Grade RR,” said Mrs Bridget Painter from Hamilton Prep.DID YOU KNOW?Click on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter  why not join us there? WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite last_img read more

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